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  1. Chapter 9 (minor spoilers)

    Yeeeeah... Old Man Cho's not gonna take this well... If they even remember he exists outside of Windwalking quests. I mean, would the story have been any less impactful if they kept them alive?
  2. Q/A from Twitter with @Babbletr0n

    They're going to continue paywalling the Wardrobe? Ugh, they're lucky I'm still feeling pleased about the Switch tonight or I'd have a few less than civil words about their stupidity.
  3. Vote Kick System

    A cross-server vote-kick system would be nice. In some of my many, many, MANY unfruitful runs of places like Tainted Lab and Brightstone Ruins (seriously work on that RNG), I've had no shortage of schmendricks that just willingly stand around and do NOTHING to help. And it doesn't help that it's often the same damn person that keeps doing this. That they dare to try to get ANYTHING from the bidding pool after being such a waste of space is apalling, to say the least.
  4. Am I in the right or wrong in what I said?

    Always nice to see someone helpful in games like these. You were not wrong in saying such things. If they were as abrasive as you said he was, you need not worry about someone like him any longer. I try to keep the distinction between a 'newb' and a 'noob' clearly defined. Someone like that, that has a less than grateful attitude and daring to command you to do stuff? They are firmly in the 'noob' category, no questions asked.
  5. In this context, a 'whale' is someone who will be mesmerized by any and all shinies that so much as cross their line of sight and gleefully drop cash on them with carefree abandon. Basically, big spenders.
  6. Giveaway in MMORPG

    The giveaways on the site are on the level, but you can never be too careful. Thank goodness for Adblock.
  7. is there any mmo without bots?

    No bots as far as I could see on Trove. Also, while Mabinogi did experience bots in the past, the only way you'll even see one is if you deliberately go to the designated shop channels. At best there's only, what, one of those little turds there. Best thing to consider is that the monkeys that use them won't even go to the effort of mass mailing people their crap. AND the Mailbox isn't even paywall'd there!
  8. Plogs are cute

    I would not be opposed to the idea of Ploggle plushies. Whenever I see dead Ploggles strung up by those *cricket* Yutay in their caves, it makes me a sad Wario.