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  1. Thank you for the reply! Now i should focus on that n wait till the 12 to seebif they reduce the upgrade path.
  2. Been away for 3 months and got back today. I FEEL BEHIND LOL IM AT 690 AP and looking for tips.(KINDA FORGOT THE TEMPO AND MY MOJO) LOL What's the easiest way to gain AP ( IS IT WHALE? ) Also best Soul Shield Set right now? Share them with me if possible! GRACIAS! THANK YOU!
  3. Thank you man. I guess Ill keep doing what I was doing. Dailies it it!
  4. I'm HM 6 TrYING TO FIDN OUT THE BEST MAP or way to level up Fast. I remember 24man dungeon BLOODSHEAD AND BLACKRAM SUPPLY CHAIN. Nice EXP there to level up. But now I'm completely LOST. I've been off for 5 months and got back a week ago. Trying to figure out where to level up from HM6 TO HM15.Done Dailies But is taking way too long. Any tips will surely help me out, Thank you!
  5. Thank You for the replies. I might buy it like this I can start making moon water stones. Run the dungeon still, if I get the drop than just sell it, but in the mid time make money every 24 hours selling the stones I think is worth it. Specially now when I can make 35 Gold+ daily. xRyu Hayabusax HM
  6. Does this still drops at BrightStone Ruins? Or did they removed it? I'VE BEEN DOING RUNS LIKE CRAZY AND NO DROPS YET. Any advice.Drop rate is bad... I know on the market they go for 60 Gold each. Bit don't Want to spend that. (N)
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