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  1. Now those who were SCREAMING on ARENA 'NERF SM', can rest in piece. SM is dead in pvp.
  2. I still prefer the fireworks show than a cash grabber event that has a box with 0,0000000000000000000000001% of dropping the costume you want. NCsoft is the worst company to this date. They killed Aion and now are killing blade and soul... (in the same way) And I remember they saying the game will 'not' come to this.... now, the game is failing miserably in the same way AION are. slowly dying. The few whales will not hold the game any longer, be sure of this.
  3. you know what is worse, they keep nerfing SM not only to the ground but to infinity. Where can I sign?
  4. I also quit due to this.. Why bother running arena when you can die without notice? This game is totally unbalanced.
  5. The entire thing is dead... May be a ddos attack!
  6. Mushin is down or at least the login server is.
  7. besides the damn freeze from time to time, I am having this issue as well.
  8. Time has passed and the annoying disconnecting is getting on my nerves... NCsoft is doing nothing like they did with Aion and will do the same with all their games... The only solution as I see, is not play any of their games .... There is 1.5m of bot that they refuse to do anything about it, gameguard is shitty and they have no reason or whatsoever to keep this trash, since we have a HUGE amount of bots, cheaters and so on... I'm not spending money with this company anymore.
  9. There will be no support or whatsoever... Be sure of it. This shitty tool that do not prevent any kind of bot or whatsoever, they're running free since day 1... 2M of players? pure BS. The problem persists... Every second you got disconnected and freeze second after second.. What a joke of company.
  10. After the 24MB update, the game is HORRIBLE! If every update they mess with the game.... we are *cricket*ed.
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