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  1. the main problem with this game is everything is unoptimized and obsolete for an mmo Crafting is useless asides from Merry potters and soul warden even then crafting is obsolete until you reach lvl 40+ because the only item you cannot get steadily from quests is basically the watersoul transformation stones why does this happen? because even tier 1 items take absurd ammounts of time to craft heck lets take cinderlands stones as example 6 hours for a log 40 minutes for mud 6 hours to make refiner 6 hours to make the actual stone Why should anyone waste their day instead of just paying 10 silver for a transformation stone? then economy Kills yield no gold whatsoever unless you are Premium quests yield Tax for rewards until level 40+ ALL items sell at vendors for 1 Copper with Some purple items for exceptions selling at 2-10 copper the system doesnt really promote bots it just Disentivices Playing one thing is prioritizing PvP and another is completely forgetting about 90% of the game and hiding behind the game being pvp core as excuse
  2. So, that was short lived. Error 4049

    i played it just fine myself yesterday raged and rage quit after dumping 20 keys and not getting deva weapon got back then raged and dumped 60+ more keys and got the weapon with the very last key after i filed a customer support ticket in rage, (dont i look stupid now) and today i cant even launch the game as gameguard crashes with the 4049 error as well
  3. who say bots ? nooo . i dont .

    welp GW2 isnt bot infested even after it went free to play at most you will get 3 gold seller whispers a day and you solve that by reporting and blocking and the interesting thing is if a game should be bot heaven exploitable it would be gw2 as the bot system could exploit the game by making a character of each race as each race has their own starter zone thus being able to launch bots in 4 simultaneous maps to spawn and spam , however we dont see this happen
  4. How Rigged are the loot tables?

    hence why i called it a Rigged system as i noticed its not just a 1 class problem , seems like its trying to force us to buy brilliant keys but jeez 50-90+ keys and no luck that shouldnt even happen considering keys are a daily item
  5. Weapon progression

    joint attacks are usually Dazes,knockdowns,stuns and such and the F8 lobby usually works on the LFP option and not actually recruiting menu can always try the recruit button above party once you are sent to the platform lobby area too and sadly they wont save you if its only 2 people as joint attacks require two landed at least to break the attack and you cant use skills while gripped by the boss so at minimum you need 3 people
  6. need to upgrade a weapon but i cant because it needs deva weapon but from what i ve been experiencing it seems the loot system drastically reduces loot chance of your class weapon on purpose for players to buy brilliant keys , because in just 1 day i ve wasted 80 keys almost 90 now and my friend had the same happen to him with the Stalker weapon boxes
  7. Weapon progression

    8 viridian stones excchange them at jadestone for the shield F8 go to cross server dungeon lobby select blackram narrows and click the LFP button should put yoou in insta 6 party member party and from there it should be a breeze the grab attack says to use joint attacks to break his hold so should be good as long people dont spam all skills that arent on cooldown blindly
  8. WTfast - is it true?

    because of advertising and the fact that at some point wtfast was bribing people to review them positively some morons even made videos claiming it really improved their gameplay experience when you could clearly notice they had lag spikes in the background lol all WTFast is s a VPN it creates a tunneled network wich sucks except for people that cant even access the game in the first place in said case having said tunnel would be the only means to even play not to mention you have to pay for something you can do for free if you're having problems with youor network contact your ISP and here's another secret yoour ISPs dont tell you usually you can ask them to raise your Upload speed for about 5$ ever wondered why even though youo can do multiple downloads at a time almost instantly y oou still seem to lag in games that is why gaming is all about sending and recieving data normal networks are only good at recieving data but not really sending so when you see people kinda blip in and out of existance or teleport all over the place or pull unfair comboes sometimes its because your game client dint update in time (of course sometimes its hacks) normal networks usually sell yoou 15-50 megabits download speed (minimum) they never mention the upload speeds
  9. auto ban anyone that mentions their websites
  10. WTfast - is it true?

    not to mention wtfast doesnt really do anything
  11. Lyn is best race

    femboy are best
  12. wich is why this game feels so empty and punishing, other mmos at least have the illusion of progression , like we cant craft even usable items all we craft goes up to crafting something else. theres dumpling and tonic crafting and thats about it and even those you dont need because killing stuff in pve showers you with those im sitting at 90 and 80 of those .
  13. it does feel like it sometimes for example when i started the game i had people bidding up to almost 2 gold per item in Blackram the real first dungeon pretty much and this was in the first week of the game wich was problematic as hell
  14. well i personally only do a handful of them some days because i dont really need them thanks to the broken crafting system , that requires Daily Quest items then a day to craft the precursor item then another day to craft the actual item
  15. Please elaborate how is it challenging , or how does it help the game asides from keeping artificial rarity to have T2 items with 6 hour crafting times and minimal guild exp rewards for example 6h and 11 experience and the 40 minute item you dont need is the one that you use to level up at 40 minutes and 8 exp out of 800+ needed this is meant to be a game not a Chore/Job we come here to play and forget about our daily stresses