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  1. Unthrusted page.

    I don't like Chrome, but then again, I'm an open-source fanboy. I also can't get used to the UI and how it opens so many processes. Firefox has definitely gone downhill, but you definitely do NOT want to use an older version due to optimizations and security fixes. I've been running Nightly builds for years now, they get updated each day as implied, issues do crop up occasionally, but most of them do get fixed fairly quickly. Might want to take a look into them if you're experiencing other issues, since recent stable builds have really only been released due to essential updates when they're not completely stable.
  2. Unthrusted page.

    It's only a Firefox issue. Appears fixed in the latest Nightly builds, it has to do with a TLS Revision update. Either check the latest Nightly, downgrade (Not recommended) or wait it out.
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    Here from Mushin, sudden lag, disconnection, and unable to login.
  4. AFK timer implemented

    I'd still like to know the actual time, but I'd rather be playing than going afk and checking it. If it let me stay online for a hour? I'm plenty happy.
  5. AFK timer implemented

    Can confirm, I logged out and updated just to test the afk-time so I'd know how long it was. I was gone for atleast an entire hour.
  6. About us: Phantom Knights is a clan mostly made for a small group of Semi-Casual friends. Recruiting for those who may enjoy idle chatting and the occasional dungeon or arena. No voice chat is necessary or available. Clan donations will also not be necessary. Primarily recruiting for the purpose of hitting the member requirements to rank up the clan. We all speak English, but those who aren't native speakers are welcome as well as long as you don't mind us all putting in some effort to understand each other. We'll likely be on at fairly random times throughout the day and night, so there might not always be someone online when you are. Guild Leader: Miyuu Guild Officers: Cerato Rules: General respect towards both clan members and everyone else is expected. We will not tolerate any form of rudeness. We are fun lovers who just want to enjoy the game together. We are always willing to help when able, but begging will not be tolerated.
  7. Unable to claim Level 45 Survey Gift.

    Ah hah! That actually worked! Thank you! I wish I'd have noticed that though, I appreciate the help. :3
  8. Unable to claim Level 45 Survey Gift.

    I did. I thought that might have been the case, so I expanded on my answer a lot. At first I just gave "No comment" since there wasn't really anything I wanted to add, but then I thought about it some to add some extra to it just in case. I had around ~200 letters worth this time and it still didn't go through.
  9. Unable to claim Level 45 Survey Gift.

    Yup, I disconnected last night before I went to sleep since I needed resources on my computer for other things. No luck, it did reset the survey, but still wasn't claimable.
  10. Unable to claim Level 45 Survey Gift.

    Bump I guess? This has fallen pretty far.
  11. Has anyone else encountered this? I've completed the survey for the Level 45 gift, but I'm unable to confirm at the end. Did a quick search, didn't find anything meaningful.
  12. Game down?

    Yup, definitely an outage. Happened to myself and a friend as well.