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  1. You really don't expect them to fix it when they don't even realise how the spammers are bypassing their "security" do you? Just the fact that they upped the chat level indicates that they have no idea how their servers are being breached. They're still under the assumption that the spammers are running the client software and have "characters", when neither is true.
  2. How old is BnS now? 5 years? 4 years? Certainly long enough to hack the code, even old enough to hack the most recent code being used in Korea. Gold spammers don NOT use the game client. They use software specifically created to hack the current server chat function, just like bots use software created to bypass the game client software. Old software is going to be hacked, there's no way around it when goldsellers have funds a hundred times or more than the publisher does. All the publisher can do is have in game employees blocking/banning bots on a 24/7 basis. It's not fiscally po
  3. She has green/grey eyes, but one of them (forget which one) has brown in it.
  4. Ahh yes, there are many people who would do that. But the company has to be willing to pay them as well.
  5. Yes, this has also worked in the past. And I agree with everything else you posted.
  6. First of all, I'm not a "dude". Second of all, it's not "lost in advance". There are many games that have/had active GM/CMs that significantly reduced bots and the willingness of such companies to deal with them. Most games that have been "thrown out" (such as sold to another company after its no longer fiscally usefull) usually have the goldsellers return. The lack of the publisher to address the problem with PEOPLE and MONEY, is always the reason the goldsellers win. Those that don't invest in human resources always fail in the long run, no matter how good the game.
  7. Kunis has heterochromia iridium - eyes of different or double colors, so not her :o)
  8. There is only one tried and true way to deal with goldsellers, and that's with in-game employees banning them on the spot. All other methods have failed for well over 10 years now. They will hack code to avoid blocking, they have programmers working full time. Gold sellers will buy premium/VIP/etc membership if it's to their advantage. They make more than enough money to afford that for hundreds of bots/spammers in hundreds of games. Only active in-game employees can/will stop bots and goldsellers. It's a proven fact. If any company tells you that "premuim" or "VIP" membership discourages gol
  9. It'll get better. Everyone trying the game out will quit, even if they like the game. Once they download and try to log in as a free (tryout) player and never get in the game, they'll never come back. If they do get in, and realize that they have to pay for simple things like using mail, they'll also quit and never come back. Give it a month and there'll only be a couple thousand premuim players on all these servers, and they'll have to start merging them.
  10. But it doesn't, and never will keep goldsellers at bay. Goldsellers will pay, and will even pay for premium access if there's a reason to (such as enhanced gold/drops). They make more than enough money to pay for anything a game requires a thousand fold. There is only one way to reduce bots and gold sellers, and thats with in-game employees handling them. The problem with that is it's expensive - and the reason why you see bots and gold spamming in brand new servers, days old. When a company choses to make the most common/average functions payware, you end up losing a vast majority of the play
  11. Well, I've already seen (somewhere else) that someone has already left this game because of this. Probably didn't feel like waiting to what else they would have had to pay for to get "normal" access to something. I have to admit, this is the first time I've ever seen such a thing, and I've been playing online for over 10 years and at least 20 popular games. Will be interesting to see what happens with this.
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