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  1. My friend didint recieved a gift

    Try sending in a ticket.
  2. ingame mail

    Can we talk about why we need to charge nCoin at least once before we can send mail to a friend? Seriously the smallest piece of QoL is being held ransom behind a paywall.
  3. AFK Timer?

    There is now, recent patch put it in.
  4. Constantly myself and a few friends I play with have been getting swamped with game crashed everywhere from 10min to an hour into play time. When we get a crash can we have at least a 5min grace period before we get thrown back into an hour+ long queue?
  5. Why is chat being spammed by gold sellers

    yeah there is a limit of 50, which is complete BS. In 2 days i've already filled my list.
  6. Game down?

    Its not just you, was was busy farming when I froze out.