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  1. So huh anyone else get this

    Not sure if it was just me but I got an email from NCSOFT that gave me 7 days premium and 1600Ncoin. question is if anyone else got the email how do you claim the items?
  2. So help?

    The pure evil one looks pretty cool but I might farm for the lycan set
  3. So help?

    So I've managed to get up to level 38 on my destroyer however I kinda wann do some outfit farming an stuff. Any tips for some or quick ways to level? Currently leveling my warlock, buh long time
  4. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Over the next 3-6 months both warlock and the spirit fighter class will be released, so how about waiting an trying all the classes ( I did an I made a summoner ot have the cat killed) However they want the warlock released at the same time as some big content so just wait or go play some other game till then.
  5. What class do you want to see added in the future?

    There is two classes we will be getting in the future already, a Warlock an Soul Fighter, as well as the are making a gunslinger type class.
  6. Are you extending the servers?

    I normally have 20-30 minute wait (non-premium member) an I'm on the Soha server, theres been a couple times I have to wait an hour an a half but I just went on my ps4 well I waited
  7. When you fight an Assassin, how it looks like...

    As an Assassin and Destroyer player I can say that I one on one fight against these two classes well 8/10 end up with you dead .-. if a destroyer grabs you well you may as well put that keyboard away because we have some nasty combos we can pull off holding you
  8. well my luck is amazing it seems

    from an 84 minute wait to now entering right away as a non premium player I'd say my luck is awesome .-.
  9. Day 2: Still can't purchase anything with NCoin

    I can't even buy the damn things
  10. Well i wait 85 minutes

    I'm a level 17 assassin an it is very quick to take down multiple enemies at once without getting touched
  11. 190mins wait to play?

    I'm waiting 80 minutes an it's quickly cutting down, I'm at 3012 of like 400 others an I seem to be going down by 5-10 every few minutes or so. but that's on the Soha server dunno how the others are
  12. Well i wait 85 minutes

    what's your favorite class an race so far? an place your creations here! I'd love to see how everyone made theirs..... also I'm on the server Soha if any of you wanna play together at some point