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  1. Failed to connect to server

    Shamefully the same, I thought I was banned, I guess not.
  2. Ok where is the server REALLY located.

    Well actually, it's got terrible ping for maybe this reason. - If you play another game and you host a server, your friends join and they start lagging, this is mainly due to the Server's player capacity. The server can easily be located somewhere West but maybe not enough fund has been given to make the server more powerful, I personally rarely have lag, only some random disconnects. :)
  3. How do I endgame?

    Well if you want a better soulshield, if you spend Moonwater stones (2 per souls shield shard), you should be able to get around 23k HP at level 45. The Blackram at level 45 should be unlocked. :)
  4. never expected a game to effect me :3

    Well aslong as you liked most of the story-line then it's fine :), there's more content coming soon so more lore is on its way!
  5. I keep getting disconnected

    The servers are down at this point in time, they should be up in the next 20 minutes. :)

    They'll be up in approximately 45minutes.

    MichYy, the servers are currently down, this is the reason you're seeing the 'endless' dragon cinematic, here's more information.
  8. What is your Least Favorite quest zone.

    The scorching sands, It's so empty, I actually quit the game for a couple of days because I didn't like the scorching sands, it's too large and empty for my liking :)
  9. I'm also crossing my fingers!, I'm sure they'll come around and make the game very good!.
  10. Personal preference, for assassins, having immune and additional crit and drain in fine (Although I personally would rather go for damage than drain), they don't do a whole lot though.
  11. There's not a lot of guids about builds, but once you reach level (I think 20?) you are able to upgrade certain skills by pressing K, when you first open the K tab you'll find that you can put your points into three categories, PVP, Raids and I can't remember the other one. But anyways, all your points will easily be dedicated to the group you chose, so you don't need to worry about your skill tab. For Gems, there's not a large amount of types of gems. Life Steal, Addition HP, Addition Damage etc etc. Most people goes for HP gems and Damage gems, you can buy them from the market or craft them.
  12. I disagree with the first statement, I suggest when reaching 36 you farm the tomb of exiles to gather the soul shield from there otherwise you lack any forms of HP. At level 45 you'd be sitting at around 8k HP (You couldn't make it past solo dungeons), I suggest grabbing soul shields from heroic dungeons (lvl 20, lvl 36, lvl 45). Yes, also only use the Hongmoon gear, you can use LOCKED random gear to upgrade your Hongmoon gear.
  13. my gallery

    Extremely gorgeous work of art, I love to see talent in the community, my character just looks like a 10 year old. I've got to change it for my next character. Keep up the good work!
  14. Well, if you'd like to get rid of them gold spammers, make a new chat using the + next to the other chat and add everything apart from Region and Global, this then removes all of the spammers, unless you need to talk to people in chat (Rarely), then you can right click the gold spammers and block them. I agree, the guides in this game are poor, although the more you just play, the more you'll begin to learn. I'll cover the basics of everything (You already know about crafting) Combat: This is self explanatory, although (I believe) once you pass level 25, it's all up to yourself to learn all the new combos (Which is the fun part). Items- Weapons: You can find different weapons in-game from killing NPCs or by doing dungeons, you can then use these items to upgrade your current equipment (Right click your ring, earring, necklace) then place your item in the +, after your item reaches 'Max' it will then ask to gather a certain weapon to upgrade your weapon further, these can normally be optained through quests, fortune wheels and dungeons. If you place your cursor over the object you need, it should tell you in a simple line where you'd find it. Soul Shields: People don't understand HOW IMPORTANT these are, if you ever find a shield better than yours then you should farm it, when you reach level 36, you'll find the 'Tomb of exiles' which if you gather it's soul shields (From killing the NPCs) and you get the full 8, you get around 50% more HP. You can also find Keys and 'Stones' from chests, these stones can be traded in for a new soul shield (Recommended). Gear: You'll find that you can wear a lot of cosmetics such as hats, costumes etc. You can either find these via quests, dungeons and most of the time you'll get the ornament box which is a rare drop from the fate wheels. You can also see you can wear other items such as belts, these are normally found later game. PvP- 1v1: This is the most widely used way of killing other players, you'll always find a player within 2 seconds of searching, if you press F9 when level 15, you'll enter the area in which you can press find player. When you find a player you'll always be entered for the tournament, if you don't want this to happen, if you right click someone who's asking for a 'Spar' in chat then you can right click and press spar. 3v3: Very underrated, this is mainly used by guilds since you can invite 5 other players (Once you're in a party you can't invite random players), it'll take you around 2 minutes to find a 3v3 tag team match, don't bother at this point in time. Dungeons- Dungeons are split into different categories - Solo, Normal, Hard, Heroic etc etc, you'll notice if the dungeon is hard as when you receive the quest (Mainly daily) you'll find a box with a star inside, or if you don't have the quest, you'll see the portal in a different colour (Solo would be grey etc). If you can't find other people near the area, if you access one of the 'party pillars' which should be located near the dungeon entrance you should find people asking and if you still can't you can press near the top 'Cross-server dungeon'. If you're wanting to farm or do something else then you can just press F8 which will directly move you to the cross-dungeon area (Be aware that you have to enter your own dungeon in if you press F8). Hope this helps :) EDIT: To open locked weapons you need charms (Found mainly from Quests) and to open Locked Chests you need keys (Quests)
  15. Idea to remove Gold Sellers?

    The idea of 'Whoever reports someone for gold spamming then has to enter a captcha code is an extremely bad idea. Anyone can abuse this system.