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  1. I was on my way to plat, doing pretty well when I started to get only 7 points per win, and I lose anywhere from17-21. I understand it means i'm being matched up against lower elo players or something, but it's ridiculous. It's not like, sometimes. It's every match. Every match is 7 win, every loss is around 20. It really sucks to win 5 and lose 2 and be lower than I was. I just lose 20 points against a BD.
  2. I'm premium and I get mostly 1 and 2. I've done it 3 times a day everyday since headstart, and I don't have regium corvus yet. Should get it tomorrow.
  3. Hey guys, I'm wondering if I can use a hongmoon weapon to skin another hongmoon. I really wanted the green profane axe appearance but it looks like the only way to have it is to be awakened profane. Could i level a second hongmoon and then use the skin on mine? Thanks.
  4. It just sucks that every upgrade is gated behind a *cricket*ing rng crafting drop. The lucky ones who got it make hundreds of gold and fully upgrade their gear. The rest of us scrounge around for 5g a day to buy their crafts to upgrade our gear. I'd rather grind a dungeon all day for my own drop than pay lucky people for their overpriced shit.
  5. I only got one, and when I look at the icon in the crafting menu it only shows 1. Items that give five show 5. I took a chance and crafted it and only got one. If it's intentional then so be it, I just think it seems absurd.
  6. This doesn't seem right. It doesn't even come close to worth it unless if you get a 6-7 mining node.
  7. This makes weapon skins worthless, I won't ever buy one. I'll use the master pack one for awhile but I guess once I'm tired of it, it'll be gone. I hope they change this, or make weapon skins like 30 cents.
  8. I'll be the odd man out, I love it. My destroyer leaves smoldering earth under foot and fire around as she sprints. It's awesome!
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