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  1. Login "license agreement"

    lol this is wrong they should fix it
  2. im getting this annoying spike even tho i reached level 40 but i cant go more i think its stressing my gpu in a way , the spikes comes when you move arround from an area to another or in battle or just by running its happens lets say 3 or 4 times a min its freezes the screen . cpu i7 4790k gpu gtx970 Ram hyper furry 16gb watercooling temp better than your house fridge
  3. I reached level 40 , but i can imagine how much of stress iv done to my gpu its like turning it off and on in a way , and who going to pay me a new one if it got damage ncsoft ? running at cpu 4790k gpu gtx 970 been testing my cpu and gpu for like more than 70 steam games plus all the other MMos you name it gw2 , tera,wow,elders , been playing rainbowseige6 recently and alot of steam games no issues at all no spikes , but with old engine 2012 blade and soul things are going bad if anyone knows a solution or an idea how to fix it please let me know i have an active ticket but they didnt reply for two days now .
  4. constantly freezing

    i have the same issue , its a spike from the gpu usage its goes for examble from 40% to 0% . i have an active ticket and waiting for an answer .