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  1. Suggestion: Spawn killing

    I think a lot of people that is taking this as a offensive tone because I think they put in some odd personal feeling to it. Instead of treating this as an issue alone. Also I think most don't see this as an issue because it's what everyone do, press 3 and re-equip. To be fair everyone who keeps calling option 3, there is a actual name for the button. It's call surrender. It have a white flag as its icon when you highlight the button the names pop-up and says surrender. I think people is also taking on a misconception of me putting in personal feeling about this issue because of my word chose, to call the button's proper name. I think the Dev logic for the buttons were intended much differently than what we're thinking. The designs were, Option 1, to revive before we are deemed completely dead so we can come back on spot. Option 2, to call for help so a team mate can come to the rescue. Option 3, to quit pvp and return to a pve state. Option 3, to simply respawn back when we're are completely dead or to ignore option 1.
  2. Suggestion: Spawn killing

    Ok, I would go look for a moderator to close this topic down to further post in general section. To be fair, general discussion is general discussion not suggestion. Someone undervalue my thought, I defend it, simple. I do not accept those alternatives because I do find it to be an issue if there is a split between server and client loading time. I'm not defending on who's fault it is that is in pvp dobok nor am I being a sour puss over it. I simply see a problem that I don't think should exist. I see it as a problem because that option exist but yet I do not see it work correctly. Either remove the option from pvp to spawn in a dobok and leave only surrender option (spawn without dobok) or make it work properly. I also see it as an issue because it means there is pretty noticeable difference between client and server time, and considering it to be pretty dependent on it that difference is pretty big issue if during that difference can be close to an instant kill. Lastly to highlight my key point of what I'm am trying to say is the #1 issue is that there is a big enough difference between the server loading & client loading that it can lead to a instant kill. Which is what I'm really concern about because it's not an issue of personal hardware or isp bandwidth but an issue with the games server loading the character data out fast enough to be nearly killed before the client, by client I mean the software, is out of the loading screen. In short, you are loaded In as a targetable character before the client is actually finish with its loading screen. either pvp or pve it means there is big enough difference between data flow to the server, where server is much faster, and the client is still loading to make a big difference then that is a problem.
  3. Suggestion: Spawn killing

    That's not a solution that's call surrendering. Also it's a problem, the problem is not it is loading too slow. Matter of fact what I state says that the loading is fast enough. Just the loading screen is the cause of the problem. The loading screen takes longer than the loading itself. Since the character is loaded in before the loading screen is finish switching. I don't think it's consider simple when you have to take three step to complete when the original method was only a single step. The only problem with using a single step is a loading problem. I don't see how fixing something that shouldn't have cause a problem to begin with to be non-applicable solution. Whenever I create a script for something, I don't make a menu or script to complicate a option that should of been simple to the user. I make the option work like I intended. In this case they coded an option to spawn in with pvp availability. Instead taking an addition optional step I expect them to work on the code to make that option work in the first place. It could be use as a strategy to regroup if this was a guild war but it's not. I haven't experience the pvpve raid yet that I've heard about but if that option is available in there than it will be a problem in the future where they give the ability to spawn kill during a split loading process.
  4. Suggestion: Spawn killing

    It's possible for spawn killing because of loading. The character can be loaded into the server before the client computer finish the loading screen. When this happen in open world pvp, they are available to be attacked. The loading player can attack but they would have to blindly spam an attack and hope it hits. There should be a better solution to allow a fair method of loading. Possible solution being unable attacked or to attack in x amount of seconds during the resurrection load in process.