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  1. Thanks for the clarification. 1. Did not realize the gems were tradeable, since my other gilded gems were not. 2. I have a ton of things sitting in my Reward Items. Pretty sure I've picked and chosen 1-2 pieces I wanted, letting the rest sit in there until i was ready. Apparently I am mistaken. 3. My point, is why do they offer 4, when there are only 3. However, your answer to #1 essentially explains it. I have not bought this, as the price is a bit high for 4 gems. I do enjoy the 1 gem for 400, or for 990 if I don't feel lucky. Nice to know if I dont get the one I want,
  2. Why offer a bundle that contains 4 Elite gem vouchers, when: 1. they are non-tradeable between characters on same account 2. When trying to obtain, you are forced to collect all 4, when; 3. There are only 3 available gems to use this voucher on I am at a loss as to why they'd offer such a bundle....
  3. How did you gain the achievement Flame Orbit Training Secret? I cant find anything on this...
  4. I am hoping they allow race changes as well. I really like how the Gon looks over the Yun and would like to change my Blade Master to a Gon..... Cross fingers they add these options.
  5. Its working now, tentatively, as I am at character screen...
  6. I expected this last weekend.... I was impressed I did not see any issues on Launch Weekend.... sad that this weekend (today in particular) is such a failure...
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