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  1. Inferno - Volume 2

    How did you gain the achievement Flame Orbit Training Secret? I cant find anything on this...
  2. Bought Character alteration

    I am hoping they allow race changes as well. I really like how the Gon looks over the Yun and would like to change my Blade Master to a Gon..... Cross fingers they add these options.
  3. NCSoft Launcher Error

    and its down again...
  4. NCSoft Launcher Error

    Its working now, tentatively, as I am at character screen...
  5. NCSoft Launcher Error

    I expected this last weekend.... I was impressed I did not see any issues on Launch Weekend.... sad that this weekend (today in particular) is such a failure...
  6. I grouped with a handful of Grievance people in Everquest 2 years ago. Great people. had I not left Permafrost for Najena, I would have probably joined them.
  7. Name Reservation

    MOST people tend to work in the range of 7am-5pm (of course that is time zone dependent). Unfortunately, no matter what hour they decide, there is going be a group of people that this is not conducive with. If they came up with 2 am start, a good percentage would be affected, as many are sleeping. If you solely got the starter packs solely for the name reservation, and you dont think you'll benefit from it, then maybe ask for a refund. Just like launch day starts at noon my time, meaning I will lose 6 hours of my 'head start'. I do love, however, how people think that although something doesnt affect 1 million other users, that because it affects one person, that it should be changed to accommodate said one person... (exaggerated numbers, but you know where I'm going with it...)
  8. Loading Problems :-(

    I get this issue about 1/2 the time. During my login issue loop, sometimes I dont get the Agreement screen, and have to relog again....
  9. skip cutscene went black and froze

    Same, and now, I am looped in the other issue - frozen character screen, then when it unfreezes, unresponsive 'Start' button... '
  10. Unable to "Start Game" from char select

    This problem started for me in CBT4, and has continued through this one. However, once/if I get in, I am golden for hours (I went afk for 6 hours, and no disconnection)...
  11. Character Lobby

    Thanks.. I'll attempt the File Repair again. I did it for CBT4, but didnt do anything.
  12. Character Lobby

    When I get to the Character Lobby, the game temporarily freezes. Once it comes back (usually about a minute), it will not let me log on to a character. I had this log in issue before, where if I stayed in the Character Lobby too long, I couldnt log in to a character. But now, thanks to this temp freeze, Rarely am I able to actually log in, even if I try to 'Start' the moment it unfreezes
  13. Char screen freezes

    I have the same problem, however, if I sit at the character screen for too long, (either by being frozen, or just letting it sit there), it wont let me log in to my character.
  14. Stuck at endless intro screen.

    As of last night, I get this same problem. however, I think mine a bit different, as after I hit the Accept button, it brings me to a frozen character lobby that sits frozen for a few minutes.
  15. Almost all MMOs have some sort of tutorial, which can be toggled off/on as needed. Even a start screen that pops when you log on that provides a quick note could prove to be useful.... 'Did you know that ......' can very much come in handy.