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  1. Kick Button required

    Dear NCSOFT we are tired of afk ppls during dungeon, especially this happen in istance where not be necessary dps of 6 ppls like Frozen Fang, and everyday everytime 1 member of group go afk at start and we CANT kick him so what to do? nothing... free daily for afk averyday everytime? nice job NCSOFT!!! So maybe u scared to give a kick button in dungeon coz this can be used like an abuse? And suffer every dungeon a afk player isn't an abuse? uh? GZ!!
  2. Kick Button required

    No maybe u dont unterstand the situation. 1- I never say that i use LFP button, i recruit ppls in lobby dungeon. 2- I never say that the person who stay AFK are bot, they are just lazy ppls who stay afk entire dungeon. Do you want an example, this morning i was in group with a Destroyer level 50 HM 7 with 500++ AP, after a first room he say "brb phone" .... never come back, EASY DAILY WOW!! GZ to NCSOFT who can advantage afk. Btw this problem will be solved when this thing lead to 4 person on 6 will stay afk so cant do dungeon. Then maybe NCSOFT will do something. Im not interested to report them tbh i WANT MAKE MY FACKING DUNGEON WITH ALL PPLS, i dont care if that person will be punished or not, i want just play as game intended.
  3. summoners perma hide/perma resist

    this game just DISGUSTING
  4. i've been played many mmoprg but honestly never i saw a game with more bots and hacker than BnS. Bot, full script players, speed hack, macro in arena, bot in arena, bot spamming in game, bot spam in forum, omgggggg
  5. they don't care about bot's, they just releasing patch after patch to run and grab as much money as possible, it's ncsoft's style, i experienced already this with Aion. U will see they run patch, grab money, and i guess in 1-2 years they will sell Blade and Soul to Gameforge.
  6. I just want to complain about Dungeon Lobby system. Often when i start to recruit for dungeon, someone who don't have requisite (low level, low attack) enter in group just for annoying the group. Kick them from group didn't work coz they rejoin very fast and we are HOSTAGE of this person who just don't have nothing to do except annoy other person. Block them also didn't work, they rejoin, rejoin, rejoin till the group disband and meh... So NCSOFT when u stop to favorite this abuse of annoy? Maybe a block system have to work for person who want to join a group? Pls i tell you in advance DONT TELL ME: 1) use password, cant use password couse i cant wisper ppls one by one 2) report them, reporting them maybe get them punished, but dont solve immediatly my problem, i dont want ppls ban, i just want to do my dungeon in peace. Ty in advance and sorry for my bad english.
  7. Simply abuse of Dungeon Lobby

    this is not the point, i want choose the play i want to play togheter, this is an abuse. And btw it's not attack problem, sometimes i recruit for example for Bloodshade 4 man and a level 25 (so not requirement to enter) it's able to take last spot of your group and you cant do nothing, you kick him and he rejoin again and again and again..... just for annoying but seems NCSOFT don't care...
  8. Simply abuse of Dungeon Lobby

    and u think that if i start recruit again the annoy person didn't join to new room?
  9. Simply abuse of Dungeon Lobby

    maybe u missing the recruit part, i NEED to recruit so i need to spam the room number to recruit ppls.....
  10. Pls Let us report them

    pls NCSOFT let us to report afk on arena 3vs3. 50% of arena i play on tag match i have in my group an afk and i lose, this is a waste, pls find a solution or let us report them and ban afk from this game.
  11. Please Fix EU Auction house ...

    pls NCSOFT fix the market!!! and stop saying to reboot router!!
  12. Maintenance fail?

    pls NCSOFT find a solution for AH, and this not happen only with AH but also with Character info sometimes, pls we all have this problem, it's not a router, it's the server
  13. Please Fix EU Auction house ...

    I have the same problem and i think many ppls have this problem, Can be a "port forwarding" problem about router?
  14. NCSOFT, please move our login server to EU

    ..and better dev's maybe....
  15. RIP Servers again

    guys it's only Ebon Hall or all EU Server?
  16. RIP Servers again

  17. Servers crashed ?!

    i think they will investigate....
  18. Hi, Played BnS on other servers months ago and i can't find a featur that in other server it's different than this BnS. It's the skillbar animation when you change stance, especially for forcemaster that used to change stance more often. This "animation" that made a kind of "rotation" of the skillbar annoy me too much. Anyone know if it's possible to disable that kind of "skillbar rotation"? Ty in advance
  19. Skillbar rotate animation

    eh i immagine.. sadly