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  1. Weren't we supposed to get a free character slot to be able to create a warlock? Cause I sure as hell didn't get anything.
  2. That's a pretty decent PC right there. It's too bad Blade and Soul's engine doesn't even understand the names and revisions of your system components, let alone use them to their full potential.
  3. DirectX 9 on Windows 10

    There is no such thing as DX12 backwards compatibility. You NEED to have DX9 installed or else the game will not run at all. DX12 is dx12, dx9 is dx9. If dx12 would work in backwards compatibility to dx9, it would be around 50 to 100 times faster than the actual dx9.
  4. Skills lag

    Hello. You are having this skill delay because NcSoft is routing you through NA. To force a re-route you must re-login.
  5. As the title states I'm looking for advices on what should I do vs beyblade spin champions class (mainly spintroyers but also spin cancers) My main problem isn't that someone decided it's a good idea to be invulnerable to some CCs while pressing 1 button or that it breaks freeze but that someone decided it's a good idea to add parry to the mix because why not. Altho I am lvl 36 only I'm still wondering what are you guys doing to kill these 1 button classes? I'm currently at gold rank, and getting gud doesn't help when you literally can't break CC :/ I mean yeah I have tab to break CC and that's the only thing I have.
  6. I need to know if Summoner tank nerf was intentional.

    Nonsense. Summoner is now balanced. git gud
  7. I would like YOU to explain me why I don't get any loot from Blackwyrm, granted I die a lot I've never once gotten loot from it. And I see on my screen constant 5-7k crits while I'm dpsing, doing at least 100k dmg every time before I die. Still, because I die, I do not receive loot. How can such a thing be possible, if I did so much damage?
  8. Yes. The moment you die, all your damage done up to that point is reset. You could probably still get loot if your party could have provided the dps needed to fill your part as well, but I never tested this.
  9. new sexy character

    One of the few perfect creations of BnS.
  10. If you think Summoners are OP, consider this...

    Nonsense. Summoner OP. pls nerf.
  11. Ban summoners from Arena

    Stun the cat first. Oh and btw a cat can't "stop an areal combo". Maybe stop using your defensive move while the summoner is chilling in the air. You don't need to specify what you are playing, your rank and your level? Then case is closed.
  12. Ban summoners from Arena

    git gud son. You did not specify what class you are, what rank you are, what level you are.
  13. Still waiting... One of these days.... ONE OF THESE DAYS....I might actually get to the agreement screen... Day 405.304.058 - still waiting for agreement screen. Edit: Oh, my bad. Didn't notice the 0123982734864 other threads + the announcement.
  14. whos having a problem in WTFast here?

    I refuse to not use a VPN that improves my quality of life in-game by removing the delay that NCsoft should have dealt with by now.
  15. Outfits

    Not using an outfit will drop your HP a bit.