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  1. Make sure you update your microsoft c++ 2015 x86 and x64 .
  2. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Make sure you update your microsoft c++ 2015 x86 and x64 .
  3. Make sure you update your microsoft c++ 2015 x86 and x64 .
  4. Kung fu training 6 bugged.

    I had the same problem , i keep atacking the target and I was fine , try to leave the area to get out of combat
  5. Crashing game

    Instal Microsoft c++ 2015 x86 and x64 , worked for me .
  6. Crash Issue

    Great news !! The game is working !! The problem was : I hade instaled only Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 and x64 not . You have to instal them both :D So for anyone who has crash when log in , and in game , pls get both . For me worked .
  7. Crashing during loading screens...

    I keep getting a crash at chaper 3 quest , lvl 3 , when i try to speak with the NPC for the quest , the game instantly crash when is going to get the cutscene .
  8. Crash Issue

    nothing works .
  9. Crash Issue

    I aleardy open a support ticket . They told me that : " they don't give a **** " about techincal issues , and i have to post on forum . I will try to do what you told me and i will come back with an answer .. thank you very much
  10. Crash Issue

    Watch out , i found a problem with the client.exe , when you close the game , it still remains in task manager and u have to end process to close it .
  11. Crash Issue

    This is with disabled firewall.
  12. Crash Issue

    Done .
  13. Unable to launch game. Please Help.

    Nop , I did not . Tryed evertyhing , nothing works , the game is broken as fck
  14. Unable to launch game. Please Help.

    Don't , they don't answer it , i tried with my crashes . They just say to put it on forum and wait .
  15. Crash Issue

    So ...... I downloaded a last audio driver . I also removed 3rd party Nero codecs . The first LOG is only with the newest audio driver and still with 3rd party Nero codecs , and the 2nd one is with newest audio driver and withoun 3rd party Nero codec . In the 2nd one i crashed 1 time after i log on , and had to restart client . 1.[1_28_709][25-11-2015_12-3-19].txt 2 .[1_28_709][25-11-2015_12-15-21].txt