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  1. That's the "easy way out". It will certainly make the Ninja Loot disappear from the game, but on the other hand it will block players from using a function in the game. "Legit" players shouldn't get "punished" and being blocked from using a function of the game because other players abused it before.
  2. Didn't think of that xD Imo that should only apply in the case of a vote, as in other cases its irrelevant, and only if the party loses the majority. I.e: If you need 5 players for the vote to pass and 1 player leaves, the vote shouldn't reverse. However, if 2 players leave you lost the majority and therefore the vote should reverse. It can become pretty annoying sometimes but I thinl it might be for the best.
  3. Those solutions can come together and not each by its own, so its possible to add in 2 of them to further reduce the probabily of the system being abused. What you said is true if they decide to make it a majority vote where if 4 players vote "yes" then the vote will pass. That's why I suggested it to be 5 or 6 players to vote "yes" for the vote to pass, as there is less chance of having a party with 5 friends/guild members and 1 random. Regardless, a visible warning for party members about the changes in distribution method should show up. Thank you for that input xD
  4. I agree with you both, any settings thay affect the party as a whole should be voted by the party. Since the most pressing issue (imo) with those settings is the distribution method change, I only addressed that issue.
  5. I originally sent this as a ticket to support as I wanted to make sure someone in NCsoft actually reads this and it doesnt get buried here in the forums. Support asked me to paste this on forums as well because "What's better than making the dev's read it twice, right?". This isn't a QQ thread but rather a suggestion(s) post with some solutions that might actually make the issue of Ninja Loot disappear from the game. Hi, As you are probably well aware, we as players, have a problem with how the current loot distribution works. The problem is such that certain players are changi
  6. It depends on how you spec your skills. My 2,3 dont require targeting. Cant remember the names of the skills atm, whwn I get home I will edit this post with the names to be more specific.
  7. Tbh OP if you think that only 1 skill of FM can get sin out of hide then you really do need to learn how to play your class. You can use 1,2,3 skills to hit sin when they use hide. You can use Tab on Ice mode and you will have 10 seconds where the sin cant hit you anyway. And there are other options, personally as a FM player I love getting in matches vs sins who only use hide, just means they have no idea how to actually play the class and will use the same attack pattern again and again.
  8. Thank you for crushing my dreams that something like that will actually be implanted :<
  9. Don't know if it has been said before, but a simple solution to this problem would be to disable loot distribution method while someone in the party is participating in a fight and/or make it a vote to change the method.
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