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  2. my arena journey was a disaster

    you must be playing at some weird times of day to get to plat on just bots. There's plenty of real people in gold.
  3. Class for casual player w/ high ping

    Not sure if you've been playing in arena, but currently silver is a joke - you can easily get to gold on any class with 200+ ping, not sure if it will continue to be the case as this game gets less and less new players and NCSOFT figures out how to get rid of the bots...
  4. Class for casual player w/ high ping

    Gold is easily achievable by any class. As for Mushin tower: FM - possible but harder, FM combos rely on ani-cancel LBM + RBM and DPS relies on fast casting, with that said - FM has the easiest time of any class with floor 8. LBM - not much harder than low ping, LBM basic combos work fine with high ping, you lose maybe a filler or two per rotation. BM - I don't play BM but I would imagine this would be much harder to hit your counter windows and pretty much make every encounter much easier to *cricket* up.
  5. Marketplace is cross server?

    if you're in EU, all EU server if you're in NA, all NA servers.
  6. Looks like Gameguard is back.

    actually not crashing at all, but I could play perfectly smoothly at max settings during the period GG was removed, now I have to turn settings down and still get huge FPS drops at random times - similar to when GG was originally tied to the program, very annoying.
  7. Rank Distributions (23rd Feb)

    Actually, summoners appear to hit a pretty hard wall at 1900 - more so than any other class, I'm thinking that they suddenly find it hard to climb as they face players who know what they are doing...
  8. Looks like Gameguard is back.

    amazingly, I can also ani cancel by clicking my two mouse buttons in alternating rhythm, which doesn't even matter to the classes I play (FM, SUM, SIN) - more importantly, BnS isn't the only thing I have on my PC and I enjoy my multifunction mouse, I should certainly not have to uninstall software and lose that functionality to play this game.
  9. Question about warlock nerf

    Really? this made me more excited, not less. I would have quit until nerf if we got the pre-nerf warlock.
  10. Looks like Gameguard is back.

    by "macro" you must mean the software that came with my mouse and keyboard and is fine with every other MMO on the market? and was, in fact, designed for MMOs?
  11. Keys are super cheap on market, farming is a pain but just channel hop between 1 and 2 and I got 10 chests in less than 30 min.
  12. This has been a bug for a while now, if you just press and hold W you will slowly get through the portal and into the cave, takes ~30 seconds of just walking forward.
  13. Need option for free rechange to server!!!

    This exactly, there's very little reason to pay for char slots (except convenience). I would say you actually have more benefits by having other accounts (double daily dash for example)
  14. Bots would not use this, especially if price was set at $60. bans handed out wouldn't make it cost effective. Personally if they PROPERLY gate content based on weapon (not the stupid spider wep), I would have no problem with ncsoft making some money off stupid/lazy people with this.
  15. Founders Pack character titles missing

    same issue as the two posts above.