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  1. IGN: Aka Star Server: Group 4 Iksa/Poh ||| People from other servers are welcomed to join Time zone: EST Objective: To successfully clear 4 man desolate tomb Requirements: At least 650+ AP or have the knowledge of clearing desolate tomb 4 man in other servers. Have at least done some research on all the bosses. Details: Meet up right after patch to discuss our plan of attack. I can provide teamspeak/discord/skype for voice communications. Reply to this post if you are interested.
  2. No problem, just swap to majority faction, problem solved. No hate. No headaches. I swapped to majority faction and I'm able to do my dailies on my own time and when I want to do it. Prior to the merge, I've seen blues move to red just for SSP. This practice is very common. Just have fun in game dude.
  3. I was the first front liner that fought back blues day one of post merge. After that, people didn't show up. The crimson population in poharan is sad compared to the poharan blue population. It is one sided all the way. Also, one clan rules over all the poharan reds, so no point to argue against their dictatorship. In blue side, there is more freedom and flexibility to do SSP and less dependent on a single clan.
  4. IGN: Aka Star Class: Destroyer Stats: LVL50+10 703 AP Timezone: EST Region: NA Details: I am looking for a static group to run 4 man Shattered Mast, preferably EST or Central Time zones. I don't mind players from cross server as long as there is voice communication. I can provide a private discord server or team-speak voice channels for comms if necessary. PM me in game if interested or reply to this post. Only respond to this post if interested.
  5. First two weeks of merge, you could only grief. Later on, figured out how one sided faction is post-merge. No point of this post anymore as I have switched to blue side.
  6. Hey if you are looking for help, whisper me in game "aka star"
  7. I feel that there was little to no thought in the servers being merged.... I just hope NC realizes this is a problem for the players in those respective servers.
  8. Yeah people wanted server merge, but not like this....
  9. Complaint Related to Iksanun/Poharan Post-Server Merge: Coming from Iksanun Crimson, Iksanun was a relatively small server that was dominated by the Crimson Legion Faction. The majority of Iksanun chose to join and make Clans in the Crimson Faction. On the other hand, Poharan was dominated by the Cerulean Faction by a severe number and ridiculously outnumbered the Crimson Legion. Upon the merge, this disparity was emphasized even further, Ever since the server link between the Iksanun and Poharan, there have been a host of maladies that have plagued Crimson Legion playe
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