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  1. Yes, I'm familiar with his aggression. I save my SS, Q and E for when I'm in a really tight bind. Better off just popping those pots that grant immunity when you loot them from enemies. Beaten Jung going on almost 10 times now with the set up I have.
  2. Quite a bit of people do. Especially to the Augerite...They think he's the hardest but don't know about Jung yet. I wish them the best of luck.
  3. Your post is exactly the point I'm trying to get others to understand. When I fight Jung, I CC him as much as possible. - Stuns, Knockdowns, Take Flights, Animation Cancel + Stun And in doing so, he'll be locked out of a certain moveset and for whatever reason the game decides that he gets multi iframes all at once, and his moves take off like in-rush current or something.
  4. For the record, I've already beaten Junghado quite a few times, even after I've already done the daily. I hope your responses were more generally directed at others, rather than towards just me and my post.
  5. I honestly wish I could tell you. This was something I wasn't even aware of. From what was being said, it was somethign along the lines of we're (NA) are stronger at this release of Mushin's than KR was. I could be wrong though and pulling from bad memory, so don't quote me on it.
  6. I'm going to assume that you're pulling the statistics of more completions over whining out of your ass to suffice for your pompousness. Clearly, if I've found that Jung is doing something that he's not intended to do, or does without people or devs being aware of it can be either addressed or further explained. Congratulations to you that you beat F7, I'm sure that's what you really wanted to hear so you can hold fast to the fact that you somehow really relish in the fact that there are others unlike us who don't have as in depth comprehension of the game mechanics to achie
  7. Lol, for some reason you have quite a bit of hostility in your posts and are replying with what seems to be blind rage. I never asked for any of the things you sarcastically mentioned. And I'm not sure of your own experience against Junghado but in my encounters with him he's done his "red aura aoe" move on me twice. And yes, I do mean back-to-back as a follow up move from just using it on me. Also you're speaking from a point of what seems to be elitism about skill usage and when to do what...as I stated in my original post I've beaten Jung the day of release and day after for my dai
  8. That's what PvP is for though in my opinion. Throwing damage into a boss is moreso about gearing correctly. Junghado is just one big DPS check. As is the Augerite who is really stopping people the most. Should really add a "recommended" notice for each floor progression but, whatever.
  9. I'm not asking them to "water down" the game. I'm saying he should be adjusted to where he isn't blowing off his ultimate move between people's cooldowns so frequently. Maybe once or twice, but more than that can be a bit ridiculus. And I'm getting some type of anamosity from your response post, why play the game if you feel it's watered down? Wouldn't that be considered a waste of time if you're not enjoying the game? Lol.
  10. Let me first start this topic by saying that I HAVE managed to beat Junghado with: Awakened Siren Stage 5 & Awakened Siren Stage 10 as a LBM (Blade Dancer) That being said, I think either Junghado's HP needs to be adjusted or his skill usage needs to be tweaked. Junghado's Multiple Blade Sever (Ultimate Move) I believe it's called is used far too much before his enrage sets in. There are times when Junghado uses this move back-to-back in which some people who don't really understand it - burn all their escapes or counters (especially if they're not a FM or
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