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  1. Yeah. It's very poorly designed. Should be able to get the old badges with the new tokens. If I can't get this badge I probably won't continue playing as it's a huge deal.
  2. I'll be farming as much as a I can, gold/tokens and see what I can do, but I really need this badge. It's so very good, and I was really looking forward to it. I knew it would take time, but I was assuming I could get it eventually. Hopefully I'll be able to farm enough gold to get it
  3. Considering I just came back I seriously doubt I will be able to afford buying the badges required, so back to square one. Also I looked at the badges and this seasons is far superior, otherwise I wouldn't be this upset about it. Thanks for the tips though!
  4. Hello. I just came back the the game, leveled up a Soul Fighter and had my eyes set on this beautiful Blue Moon Soul Badge. But now I hear it'll be gone on the 8th of february? (Since I just came back I can't get enough tokens in time). Is this actually true? Seems extremely weird to make it unobtainable like this. Puts people that take a break or just start the game at a huge disadvantage. Major motivationkiller.
  5. So last night I started noticing some lag(high ping) and some lag spikes. This has continued for something like 10hours now and it's unplayable. I get many seconds of spikes, and very high delay on skills. Now, if it was my internet that would be fine - but I have pinged servers all over the place, speedtest, pingtest - you name it. All other games I've tried are also perfectly fine. Everything is working perfectly, except Blade and Soul. Anyone have this issue?
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