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  1. Changing Forum Avatar ??

    More than 2 years later and still no movement on this... *disappointed*
  2. Is Gloomdross Incursion easy dungeon?

    My jaw dropped at first as I counted those AP values as being in the thousands, lol! 1550 AP, 1543 AP, 1490 AP, etc.
  3. Changing Forum Avatar ??

    Hi guys, Any movement on this? Or do you plan on integrating with the character profiles somehow? Personally I would be happy with avatar pictures that reflect the current state of my main in-game character to be honest - like WoW does it currently. Kind regards, Laendrea
  4. Uhm yes, Asians love the grind apparently :P Unfortunately it's part of their free-to-play business model and won't change. At least you get lots of useful stuff as you grind :)
  5. Game Client Download Link

    All ready for name reservation - so excited!
  6. LR a Leveling knowledgeable Partner on Headstart Day

    Just joking, its actually a great idea - unfortunately I will be playing funny times in that period, making me an unreliable leveling buddy :'(
  7. Game Client Download Link

    I liked the look of my beta client characters so will just use my saved presets :) Still no client download link - guess I will just wait until tomorrow this time and try again; refreshing the launch guide is getting old.
  8. Game Client Download Link

    Thank you so much! Your post gave me happy tears:
  9. Hi there, do you know when we will get a game client download link for launch? At the moment the Launch Guide ( does not have a download link yet. So excited - just want to be ready for name reservation :)
  10. Going to play as KFM. Feel free to add me as friend :)
  11. Game becomes unresponsive

    I have had this several times today and yesterday. Had to alt + tab and kill the client process manually.
  12. Game keeps crashing upon start up

    I experienced this as well today.
  13. Game Crashes and annoyances

    Hi guys, I experienced more issues with this build of the game client than with the previous builds: 1. The game client crashes hard (unresponsive to all I/O input) when taking screenshots with MS OneDrive running in the background. If I disconnect OneDrive, the issue goes away. 2. The game client crashes hard (unresponsive to all I/O input) when going AFK for a couple of minutes. I don't have an exact failure threshold (in minutes) because the issue was quite random at times (3 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes respectively all caused the issue for instance). 3. Swim animations and sounds played for players in the Golden Diva area - looks like everyone is swimming in the sand. (Will upload a picture of this when I get a chance) 4. After killing a mob, the mob model somehow got attached to my character's hands and it looked like she was running around with a dead mob in her hands all the time. I don't think the exact mob matters because I saw another character with the same issue (only her hands were attached to a wolf). This all happened in the Everdusk area and was fixed by restarting the game client. (Will upload a picture of this when I get a chance) I experienced these issues on an HP Envy Laptop, I7 CPU, 16GB RAM, GTX 970M GFX, 250GB SSD HDD, Windows 10 OS. Kind regards, Laen
  14. [Read First] Closed Beta FAQ

    Remember to update the release date on the FAQ :P