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  1. Combat bug and Tomb

    When u gonna fix combat bug?Like it isnt enought we have to pass all those useless robots..
  2. Fix your servers

    When are u gonna fix your servers and admit that its your problem?you cant blame your clients for your bad servers/connx issues.Since last maintenance a LOT of ppl have issues with delay/skill lag/freezes etc.We are too many to be Our problem.
  3. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Same problems here,everything is lagging in this game.Like we didnt have fps problems before..
  4. Am i the only one?After last patch i got some random freezes every while,skill delays,lags etc.Looks like internet connection problems but everything is fine like before.Cant get whats the prob.Also i never was using any ping boosters etc etc.
  5. AVG antivirus conflict

    Got exactly the same issue,whats wrong with this game ?
  6. Increased Ping after new patch?

    And i thought it was my pc...After last maintenance i cant get near ssp,harvest or some crowded area without freezing for many seconds,Just to mention i never had problems with lags,freeze etc
  7. Hello,first of all congrats for the post,i think many ppl have fps problems and u will help em,as nc doesnt.Anyway i dont know much for pcs,i am using i7 and havent got which cores should i check or not p.s. My fps problems started after last maintenance/update.