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  1. Surprised to see the two major changes to marketplace in final CBT (also updated in the original post): (a) UI appearance is revamped; (b) sellers are able to cancel sale orders Now I'm very delighted about the first change, but for the second... I'm not so sure. What do you guys think? I shall however say that great job in listening to us players and please keep up the good work. Truly look forward to the NA release, even after having played CN, TW (well probably mainly because of the much lower PING?! XD)
  2. Beta starts tomorrow at 10am PST

    A meme worth saving and re-using before CBT5 XD .... and it's TODAY at 10AM!
  3. Clarification Re. This Sub-Forum

    Surely something to look forward to.
  4. Launch and Name Reservation Update

    A post worth pinning XD
  5. [Read First] Closed Beta FAQ

    Please also update answers on head start and name reservation to prevent repeated threats regarding these topics. Or please make a separate pinned topic. Thank you.
  6. choose faction

    Thanks for pointing this out! Fundamental philosophical debate right there in the lore
  7. Blade & Soul Guide App

    You can refer to Youmukon's reply here: I quote: "...threads get replied to if we feel that it's necessary and if we have something relevant to reply..." Thus, we shall wait and see.
  8. I was gonna say if the name reservation were to launch 10AM PDT on January 10 (Sun.) then it would be all good, but well... that would be forcing the Staff to work on both Saturday and Sunday, if they would not be doing so already.
  9. This is interesting. How do these chokepoints work, like the Golden Deva?
  10. Blade & Soul Guide App

    While we are waiting for the official app, I think it a good idea to help NCSoft create contents. I have seen several useful guides floating around. I believe it won't be long before staff further organize the forum and gather all the useful fan-made guides in a specific sub-forum, and the contents are likely to be integrated into official app, if there will be one.
  11. What music are you listening to?

    BnS Soundtracks of course! Too many fantastic tracks to list them all out, but this one is my recent favorite -"Yu Village", the one that plays when you enter the first village in the Desert area (forgot the official name in NA) P.S. In fact a fan of all kinds of sonudtracks - animes, games, movies, especially the "lyricless" tracks, the BGMs, the easily ignored yet immensely important ones.
  12. Daily marketplace registration limit

    I guess we will have to see for ourselves for the first 6 months' trading post-launch. My experience is that if the system doesn't empower the players to self-stabilize naturally, then regulators (Devs Xd) will have to observe the market much more attentively and intervene more frequently, whether it be through events/promos or outright rigging the markets. After all, they at least have the quasi black-box mechanics in controlling NCoin-Gold exchange rates, which is a powerful regulatory tool. Enjoy EVE!
  13. Daily marketplace registration limit

    Note first that Staff has officially greenlighted one person having multiple accounts - the thinking probably is with Gameguard, a computer can only log into one account at any time. To your question, they have indicated that the current limit mechanism is actually intended for preventing market abuse - so in some sense combating such a bypass. I, along with quite a few forum contributors such as Tamarisk, Archleveh, have expressed concern that reality is likely to fail them. This is because they are underestimating the following two effects of their design. 1) Currently Rank 10 can register 100 listings per day, compared to 10-40 for the lower ranks, obviously intended to encourage people to rush to Rank 10. Yet cash whales and workshops are likely to beat the majority of players by reaching Rank 10 earlier on more than one devices, just because they can 2) The majority of players lying in medium-low Ranks would, before long, realize they are well dominated by a small group of sharks, at least in the early stage. This is likely to make them less willing to use Marketplace and resort more to Peer-to-Peer trade, further debilitating the already weakened pricing power they have - on the contrary, if the overall cap is raised to a fairer amount, this group can have a natural market-stabilizing effect against exploiters. Sure, this is merely an in-game market, meaning NCSoft can change rules or regulate whenever problems arise. However, we are pointing out the problematic nature of the design, hoping to prevent, or at least contain, pernicious consequences. I'm suspecting you are Hubris haha. In their defense, they did raise the cap for Rank 7-9 from 30 to 40... Whether you'd call that a change is... subject to mood and debate XD
  14. Daily marketplace registration limit

    It is account bound, which is part of the central problem here.
  15. Exactly Zyrelia. In fact your point makes one wonder whether GnatB's "Bad Scenario" is in fact a "Remotely Probable" scenario - a dungeon with seven drops of item each priced 20 gold on market - likely a lvl 40+ dungeones, making it very peculiar as to why players would go in with their wallet "robbed" with no bidding power whatsoever, resulting in the extreme case of bidding 0.0001 gold for a 20 gold item XD (1 lvl45 + 5 lvl15, well well, it certainly is a possible scenario...) GnatB's example does demonstrate the wealth gap and potential grinding the current bidding system could theoretically lead to, but it also exaggerates them by too much for the scenario to serve as reasonable and practical reference.