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  1. I legitimately wonder if they realize it's impossible to do this event due to a complete lack of orbs....
  2. Hi all, I know babbles said on stream they were still looking at ways to improve premium, so I want to to start a discussion on it with my own: Remote mail. I know alot of us send gems between alts for event trains and such, so I'd imagine not having to go to a bank to send mail would be a nice convenience feature without being game breaking or overly advantageous vs F2P. Please feel free to add your own ideas or thoughts below.
  3. What it actually shows it that NA/EU account for barely 10% of the revenue KR brings. NA and EU could die entirely and barely dent their overall profits. Much as I enjoy BNS, we're NOT the cash cow here.
  4. We've got a major update coming in less than 2 weeks so I'd strongly recommend holding on to your goodies until we know what's coming.
  5. You guys may want to reconsider the pricing on oils, seeing as 5 tokens x 21days = 105 tokens, 5 days short of getting even a single oil without doing additional activities to patch the token gap. I understand you don't want to make events overly lucrative, but this seems excessively stingy >..>
  6. This is probably referring to gunners with 3-8 set aransu shields, and I can confirm that fire gunner at that gear level will delete pretty much anyone with tab. That being said the nerfs to their absurd burst are already coming down the pipeline, so there's not really a point fixating on it.
  7. Current turnaround on the ticket I'm working on is around 48hrs, so expect around there. It's gonna take awhile.
  8. Hey super, the skill it's referring to is the 3/F proc that restores 5 shots, it's nothing to do with threat, just the name of the proc.
  9. for example: IIRC ATM we have a solid community filled with LOLs, and BTW IK this is obnoxious and people might tell me to kms, but hopefully someone will have a TIL moment Translation: If I remember correctly, at the moment we have a solid community filled with laughing out loud, and by the way I know this is obnoxious and people might tell me to kill my self, but hopefully someone will have a today I learned moment.
  10. They stated they're gonna record and upload a VOD tomorrow. Check the BNS twitter if you want to see the post :)
  11. Astarae, your entitlement is frankly astounding- have some consideration for your participation in the community as a whole. HM has NOTHING that can recoup the value of an orb- no crazy drops, just the requirement of running it for a daily. And as others have already said, your mentality is what further cements anyone with half decent gear as soloing it themselves. This isn't just about the loot, it's about respect for someone who gave something of value for you to benefit off. Grow up a bit and think outside yourself for a second.
  12. Just so everyone is tracking, poh orginal version had just under 2mil HP, the average soul shield set had 30k health, and AP was relatively similar. this poh has 10.x mil health and as a summoner I have..wait for it...9k health.
  13. I'm of two minds about it- first off, I don't think VT should be nerfed; it's current endgame content, so that's a good spot for it's difficulty level. HOWEVER, I do think the point at which VT gets nerfed should also include adding the badge in some form to a comparable difficulty 6 man dungeon, and here's why. Raiding is an artificial barrier to participation due to time constraints and logistics; if you want the newest and best gear gated behind a raid instead of a difficult dungeon initially, go for it. But I think part of the nerf process all content goes through as it becomes 2nd tier
  14. So...I'll try and give some constructive input on this since I've pretty much no-lifed summoner since beta- so sue me, I like cats. Summoner's bad rep stems primarily from it having a pretty low skill floor: that is to say, you can pretty much sleep through bronze, low silver and most of mid silver. But as others can testify to, once you start hitting around high silver and gold, that whole "wtf 2 enemies I dunno what to do gaaaaah" advantage pretty much goes out the window, and you need to be super on top of your game to progress in pvp at that point. You arent gonna cheese wins against a
  15. if you had actually looked at the transmutation, you would see it takes 5 moonstones, 8 elysian orbs and 30 bravery in addition to 10g, which comes out to around 130g at market prices.
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