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  1. Loading screen?

    so how long untill the servers are open?
  2. Loading screen?

    when are the servers open?
  3. do anyone got a time for when the servers open? i think many would appreciate it espacialy dumb people like me :D
  4. When do the US SERVERs open?

    mind telling stupid me how'd you know? :D
  5. When do the US SERVERs open?

    is there a timer for the lazy folks? so how long until we can start?
  6. me too your in europe right?
  7. so how long till we can start?
  8. At what time does Beta 2 start?

    Nope. i cant connect even when the time is up
  9. Failed to connect to server??

    but its the 13th now but it still comes up