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  1. I can't download this game because the launcher always downloads to the C:\ drive no matter what, which I have no room for a 20GB+ game on. I mean there is a way to select where it downloads and installs and that doesn't work and googling back this has been the case for a long time, when is it going to be fixed and is there a workaround which works.
  2. afk auto kick

    That is the real Totalbiscuit. You may now facepalm at yourself.
  3. I need to heal after every couple of battles....

    As a KFM myself I mostly find I don't need to heal after trash pulls since I put in some skill points to make my LMB and number 2 skill regen health, been able to even solo Blackram narrows up to the final boss. Also socket a gem to regen health on every critical hit, those are always useful when soloing pve.
  4. Server Queue priorities

    Now we can see people banging on about Mushins queue for even premium members but I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about how the Premiums priority pretty much makes it impossible to enter any popular server unless you are premium yourself, since a premium member can just cut in front of everyone without premium and as this keeps happening the people who have waited an age to get in have to wait longer as more premiums cut in - How can this be solved? By bringing up the priority of non premiums after they have waited for a set length of time. This will probably bring up premium queue time by a little bit (though not the ridiculous time non premium players have to wait now) but after my friend who spent money on the head start (And already lost a day due to queue time) after waiting an hour to enter Windrest has seen his estimated wait time go up by an hour and a half one has to think about how this is going to just turn away people and that the queue system needs a rework.
  5. Anything with twitch combat oft has this issue with online games, I do quite often run into people with just terrible internet even within the same country as me and sometimes the terrible internet gives them a big advantage, the amount of times I am playing games where someone has killed me by attacking where I was a while ago because I am still there on their screen or them just teleporting all over the place making it hard to see where they are is really numerous. The thing is it shouldn't be a problem suddenly now because there is an EU server, EU players were playing on the NA servers previously and they should have still been showing up in the arena the only thing which I can think of is when there is someone from EU against someone from NA where is the Arena hosted? (Assuming of course arenas isn't player hosted lobby based.) To which the lag could in fact be your side if the Arena ends up being hosted on EU, but to be frank the the servers are hosted in different locales there shouldn't be any cross server pvp since that only brings problems with it. I am all for better matchmaking to pair up people with comparable ping so no nonsense takes place, this is actually one of the issues needed to be addressed in these betas since BnS is designed for places where ping is pretty much a non issue as the information doesn't need to travel far, basically one of the many issues of localisations. To be honest cutting off players for having a high ping no matter how much I would dream it to be true is probably not going to happen, but one can dream that they at least set the matchmaker up to alleviate most of the issue.
  6. Crimson red hair

    Oh god, are you telling me I am going to be stuck in the character creation screen even longer now? I'm never going to be able to actually get into the game if that's the case, I will just be stuck fiddling with the creator for hours.
  7. Well we do have the ingame trade cash for gold don't we? Doesn't that make gold sellers and bots redundant?
  8. [Opinion] Closed Beta 2 Impressions:

    I kind of don't get this topic anymore, I mean yeah someone slamming the game (but at least put [Opinion] on the title) but hey he has opened conversation on what to like/dislike. I disagree with quite a few of his points but also agree with a couple (absolutely disagree with his combat opinions as this kind of combat is MY JAM but yeah) But hey he is being constructive and is at least responding to those who reply constructively to him instead of those people whose knee jerk reaction is "Refund your founders pack." or "Don't play the game then." which is very anti-conversation, what someone not liking the game an is actually explaining why he doesn't like the game in a forum about the game isn't allowed even if he is following the rules and stating that its only his "Opinion" But hey in M Owens analogy I am meant to be the donkey who only Yays or Nays and just enjoys his feed. Soooooo..... Yay -munch munch- (though on a side note I think GameGuard should die in a fire absolutely hate that thing, have to do an exorcism to get rid of it each time I stop playing games with gameguard.)
  9. No costume after upgrading to master pack

    You all might need to activate the master pack in your serial codes since it doesn't seem to do it automatically for the master pack. Make sure you are logged in to the ncsoft site and then go to this link - go to the blade and soul unused serial code tab and activate your master pack code.