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  1. New 50 lvl big update

    They better throw in some nice outfits with that update ^_^
  2. Warlock nerf

    Well you got the fm outdamage part right. And soulburn is awesome. Warlock could use a buff or two or atleast lower cds on souldshackle and X skill. I wonder how warlock would be if it was not nerfed? I mained my warlock too :) awesome class not easy to play but we will get there :)
  3. For newcomers and to everyone else

    Question is if we even get that. Or the team will take it out somehow. Right now I'd say they are doing a pretty good job at keeping it f2p
  4. For newcomers and to everyone else

    The game is still nice ^_^
  5. XD summoner smaller than his pet cat :D
  6. Warlock nerf

    Dude just get more experience with warlock :) I went from 1.3 to gold with no losses it's not easy, but fun :)
  7. Failed to connect to server?

    Check the news section in that case(Twitter)