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  1. Text Improvements

    One that simply... lessens one's inhibitions when it comes to love.
  2. How can I edit my forum profile?

    Any updates on when we could update our forum profiles? Hoping to hear from anyone from NCSOFT soon.
  3. Text Improvements

    Ma Corps = Yonkai Brigade?
  4. Text Improvements

    Forgot to take a picture, sorry! At the quest where Chunsam asks you to get the Lightning Sphere, the item is labeled as the Lightning Bead, instead.
  5. Text Improvements

    Hydrangea, or Turquoise Flower?
  6. Text Improvements

    Item mismatch: Starving Wolf Hide or Ravenous Coyote Leather?
  7. Text Improvements

    Quest asked for the orbs of Shining Ironfang Lords, not the Beads of Bronze Haechi Lords.
  8. JPN Valentine outfits

    Hopefully this is a yes.
  9. Text Improvements

    I thought they were the Yes Men, not the Ravenfall Clan.
  10. Text Improvements

    Mob's name is Bulbari Forager, but the herb it drops are from Foliage Bulbari.
  11. Text Improvements

    From the thought bubble: Yehara would still be fabulous without her fan... But it just wouldn't be the same!
  12. Text Improvements

    Quest refers to Guardian Ironfangs, and the loot window agrees. But the item itself doesn't.
  13. Text Improvements

    Quest text asks for Sand Mite Legs. The loot window says Sand Mite. The item itself though, neither Leg, nor Sand Mite.
  14. Text Improvements

    Continuity : The quest called for Sukatu's Bombs, but the item is named Sukatu's Explosive.
  15. Text Improvements

    Will you see if the Ruins Archaeologists have found pieces of the statues? OR Will you see if the Ruins Archaeologists have found any pieces from the statues?