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  1. At this point, im just waiting for the Devs to push out the Unreal Engine 4 update....That is only if they Devs utilize UE4 well...if not, the game would be just as bad as now..... (havent touch this game over a year now~)
  2. Selling Moonwater Quartz~ 92silver each (market price is 95) Server: Juwol **FREE DELIVERY?** :D
  3. Thing to stock up on before lvl 50 patch

    Try doing some research. I believe people who know this kind info wouldnt like to share...
  4. Can't pvp against a friend

    i have the same problem...whenever i try to invite my friend it says ''u must be in the same lobby as your opponent to issue a spar request'' and it does the same when he invites me (we are both lvl 38)
  5. Graphical Environment Update

    I'm in love with the combat system in this game, but because of the graphical limitation. If i understood from previous comments, I should keep on eye on new MMOs instead of hoping for an update in BnS. :/
  6. Low fps on high end pc

    PC i7-4790K Asus Gtx 970 16g ram Game: Blade & Soul (NA Closed beta) As you can see, the fps is around 35 (top left corner) and in the setting, i set it as 120 as my monitor is 144hz (middle of the screen) Now, the weird thing is that my CPU/GPU isnt working at their fullest As you can see, my CPU is at 34% and the game is taking 27% As for my GPU, I set the fans at 100% and power target as high as i could. The temperature of my CPU at 35C (95F) which is pretty low i think... But GPU usage is only around 40% So i was wondering if i can take out more juice off the GPU/CPU so my fps in Game goes up or it's not possible and this is how it works... Or maybe its because the game is badly optimized and cant take use of my GPU/CPU fully potential Sry for my bad English