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  1. Drop Rate of Ebony Weapon Chest

    just got an Ebony weapon chest tonight, haven't opened it yet.
  2. Agreed I have only hit stage 4 once the rest have not made it past stage 2, I'm done with this RNG crap, and done with giving this game money for outfits or anything.
  3. Anyone seen bracers drop from weapon boxes yet?

    I got 6 off the jianshi wheel and sold them
  4. Sundered Nexus - least popular instance?

    Yea and I need the boss for my HM skill achievement.
  5. Bring Back Green Dungeons to the Lobby

    Please bring back all dungeons to the cross server list. As said this was a very bad decision on NCsofts part.
  6. Green dailies dungeon gone?

    Why the hell would they want to remove green dungeons from the list? That is a sure fire way to lose people. Like some have said waiting for F7 grps is rediculous.
  7. New gems...

    NA players are typically greedy, whiny, unmannered gamers. Has been as long as I can remember.
  8. In the memory of..

    This game has not grown, it has taken a turn in the back wards direction.
  9. Venom Darts for Evolving Weapon

    These are insane amounts, agreed they need to be reduced.
  10. Friday Costumes

    How does one go about getting the bamboo outfit?
  11. It's gonna be WoW all over again with the elitist attitudes
  12. Grind is getting to be not worth the reward, and yes the evolution materials need to be addressed. I'm not in a hurry, I'm not rich, and I don't have time to sit in front of my PC and grind 27/7 for 400-500g AND farm the insane amount of some mats needed.
  13. Serpent Calling Bell

    During the last 3 betas I had no less than 5 drop in each test, most of mine dropped around dark glimpse mobs, I think I actually obtained less of them from scorching sands.
  14. Master loot is an issue

    Should go to a need greed system that looks for requirements such as the merry Potter recipe, if you don't have the profession then you shouldn't be able to need the item. If no one has the profession then the system determines winner randomly.
  15. Character transfer?

    Not just name but the actual character