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  1. PC Upgrade Help Please

    SSD is the best upgrade you can do to your computer in terms of performance/price but it is not related to your fps. This game sucks your cpu when there are bunch of people using skills around you. Only way to fix it is to have better cpu. Even if you get 980Ti you'd still have problems during bw (obviously you'd have higher fps). But again 4790k is best performance/price haswell cpu. Unless you upgrade to skylake or high end haswell such as 5960x you probably can't take the fps you want. And really it will only help you with this game and it's waste of money if you are only playing games at pc. Also not sure about this but maybe if you can overclock your 4790k to 5ghz it might also help although don't know how much fps that might add. Not to mention in order to overclock that hard you gotta be lucky and invest money on cooler.
  2. PC Upgrade Help Please

    Get 6700K and ofc motherboard with 1151 socket. But honestly it doesn't worth buying it just for this game since you wouldn't have any problem with i7 4790K at gaming.
  3. True Pirate Equipment Path

    At that google document it says 21 perfume not machismo. Well he says that he created that document while upgrading his equipment. And he is insisting on it despite your screenshots so I don't think he is lying. Most logical explanation is that NCSoft changed 21 perfume to 25 machismo. I don't see 3rd option.
  4. True Pirate Equipment Path

    Then probably @Fysik has taken those datas before the changes. Couldn't expect less from ncsoft. Why bother and make a patch note that shows every change they make.
  5. True Pirate Equipment Path

    @Lebaxen comes with hard proof an ss from game and you just give your word @Fysik. Did you type what true pirate wants to that chart the moment you upgrade it or upgraded it and then later on typed it off your memory? Also when did you get that info because it's possible that ncsoft changed it since they don't even bother to give full patch notes after each patch.
  6. Positive thread

    @Ginimi @aoshii I don't know if you are from NA or EU. I don't know if NA has ping problems like EU but I guess they shouldn't have. Whatever that's not my concern here. If you are playing on EU and want to be positive about how ncsoft handles the game that's okay for me. And if others think negatively about it that's also okay for me eventho you see it as a bad thing or maybe annoying? I'm pretty sure most of negative thinkers also thinks the same way about you. I see myself kinda between both. I don't believe they'll fix these problems anytime soon but I also want to believe so there is a little bit fragment of belief in there. However I have only one concern which is not giving them money by buying ncoins for the time being. Is making this kind of boycott is necessary or not is part of your belief in ncsoft. You can think they care about people and eventho they keep earning money they'll fix these issues and I won't get into beliefs I stoped arguing about those long ago. But one thing is certain that it will definitely speed up the process. Ncsoft is a company and their primary objective is earning as much money as possible which is completely normal. So if they lose their income they'll definitely take steps to increase it again. Hope you think the same way at least about not paying them money til somethings get fixed first. Don't really intend to mess up your topic gonna leave it here. Edit: Lastly I want to add again game is great. But game and publisher are different things. Developers who make the game gets their money from publishers and no matter how much money you spend on the game it won't change it. So there is actually no way to support people who make the game. By paying money to game you support those who publishes it which is NCSoft. In this case I believe developing department is also part of NCSoft but that doesn't matter. People worked on development of the game still got their money. Don't want to list all the reasons why ncsoft shouldn't be supported at least from EU at this point because you don't want to see any negativity here. I can just say they're doing bad job so far. Although if they are trying to make it good and fail or they don't try at all is another subject of belief which I won't get at. Just talking about facts.
  7. Positive thread

    You just read my one message which was an answer to someone else's message which was also answer to my message. I don't dislike the game. There is no downside of it for me otherwise I wouldn't be waiting for it over 1.5 year. I said "there is nothing wrong with game but everything is wrong with its publisher" got an answer which said that "we could make it better" and simply explained it is imposible to do that. Honestly the only negativity I'm putting here is believing that ncsoft will never solve certain problems if not all. And still that's not about game it's about publisher. Don't twist my words.
  8. Positive thread

    I'm sorry but in order to enjoy a game I need to be able to play it first. I don't know if you can enjoy yourself by dressing your character and by watching it or just beating non player characters while there are bunch of better pve oriented games out there. In this current state of EU I cannot play arena pvp at all and community cannot solve that. Only publishers can and they won't. Frankly this is just the biggest one of the problems and there are bunch of others which can only be solved by publishers again. Being optimistic is one thing which would be believing that they will fix these issues in time, being unrealistic is another which is believing community can change technical problems about game.
  9. Positive thread

    There is nothing wrong with the game at all. There is everything wrong with publisher tho.
  10. Could you please not answer topics that you have absolutely no information about. There is not even single true statement at your comment. R9 390X beats GTX770 by far since it's slightly better than GTX970 for most games it's not even comparable. There is no such a fact that games being optimized for nvidia. That's marketting technique nvidia pays game companies to make them put nvidia logo on their game. For the last part lowering the settings will increase fps yes captain obvious. Problem is even with lowest settings and ctrl + f which doesn't make much difference since load comes from animations not character models you still get shitty fps. Just to let you know when you have 1000$ worth cpu+gpu and run a game with 10 fps we call that game not optimized at all.
  11. Horrible FPS in Blackwyrm

    Even cabal online which was released at 2005 has an option to close all animations. Not hiding people crap but hiding their animation which is the important part that creates fps drop. Even like 1000 people surrounding you without doing nothing would give you higher fps than 50 people spamming skills. So CTRL + F is pretty stupid idea given out the fact that a better way was found years before this game's development.

    @Lock6 you know what I stoped reading after 2nd answer. You take the words at question and use them at answer it's hilarious. He asks other than Hime's examples (market and login) which servers are on NA that EU players connect exactly you say market and login again -.- He asks what's the reason of high ping during arena and all your answer says is "I don't know" but I guess you are just too official to accept that you don't know instead use fancy words like "most simple explanation", "we're investigating" bla bla. I feel like at this point I'll take "hello" from an ncsoft staff as an insult after all your answers.

    I've read almost all comments. First of all I gotta say if you are thinking about opening a ticket about it DON'T! Answers they gave you (don't know if I can call those "answer") will increase your frustration. You can check the image below to see my conversation with people (yes people every single answer was given by different person) from ncsoft (so called) support team. Before you read conversation gotta point out somethings. First of all I was so angry and became even more angry with every answer. After like 2 answers I guess I saw that this conversation won't change anything at all but wanted to keep it up to see how they'll respond things. Even after tracing 3 different IP addresses located on Frankfurt with the program they wanted me to use and got ~50 ping for all of them I still got an ... (trying to stay calm fill it yourself) answer that has nothing to do with the ticket. I've always hated game publishers' support team workers because 90% of them has no idea of what they are doing. I've even encountered support team members who doesn't even know about the game he provides support. 2nd thing is that don't judge my attitude. Not after things I've encountered which is waiting for this game about 1.5 year to come EU, buying master pack leveling to 45 asap then entering arena and... Their answers also didn't help to make my attitude better. You can think that I should have been calm no matter what or say that you'd do the same if it was you at that conversation but really whole conversation was like joke. I say "you are ignoring what I say and approach this topic as personal issue rather than server issue despite all the facts I give you" and then they say "sorry for ignoring what you say" 2 lines below they do it all over again. They even told me that I have *a lot* of packet loss. Yeah I guess 100% PL is a lot. About that PL story, they gave me a program and IP address then wanted me to trace IP with the program. I did it for 30 mins and send them the result. Then that Asch guy started to explain me things like he knows about it a lot. Telling me about packet loss term and red bars indicating the times where I lose connection. Funny part is I had 100% PL aka those red bars were all over the place I couldn't even get single ping from the IP he gave me. I'm too lazy to install the program again and take ss but if you guys want I can upload the file here. 3rd thing is not all the things I say is true and frankly I don't care. I was telling this like "rerouting servers", "I have 80 ping minimum" etc. To be honest origin of the problem doesn't matter and I don't give a ... about it as long as it is solved and again I don't give a ... about how it's solved. Also that 80 ping thing was from resource monitoring that might be or not be true again doesn't matter as long as I have visible lag during arena which feels like NA server since I played games that has servers located at NA. Wrapping all up, this is by far the worst publisher I've ever seen. People are going hard on companies like gameforge but honestly their biggest mistake is making a lot of servers for Europe which is already small place. So they end up with a server for each country or merge them later if they have so few players. But in the end I've never experienced bad quality about gameforge servers. This whole thing ncsoft is doing (acting as NA and EU is one server) is so wrong. EU and NA are 2 seperate servers that should have everything seperate. I've never seen any company doing something like this before. I wish EU was given to another company. I wouldn't care which money-thirsty company would that be as long as I can play the game with the ping I should get. Whatever talked too much here is the conversation between me and bunch of random ncsoft support team members (wonder if all of them read the messages before answering me I guess not?): http://prntscr.com/a7dquk I can upload those 4 pingplotter files if you want. 1 is the IP they gave me and other 3 are just random IPs I found located at Frankfurt. I got 100% PL with their IP and ~50ms ping for other 3 IPs located at Frankfurt. PS: At the moment while trying to post this message even site had problems. Good thing I made a habbit of copying long texts that I post to forums for cases like this.
  14. Localization is a piece of crap.

    I don't care even if they add billion servers when they are not stabile at all. This game was so popular for years and they should have approximate number of players that would come into game. They weren't ready for the launch at all. Don't know about NA but they are giving so poor service for EU so far. Probably people living close to Frankfurt don't really feel it that much since like 30 to 50 ping difference wouldn't be something to bubble about. At this point honestly I wounder if gameforge could do better.
  15. Localization is a piece of crap.

    NCSoft is doing pretty bad so far when it comes to publishing. There are worse problems than those.