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  1. I'm sorry but if you are trying to save money by bidding 1 copper at a time you are just leaving yourself open to this kind of thing happening (if not on purpose but on accident when someone like me gets fed up of waiting and just puts in what the item is worth and you spam Y and I don't want to pay any more than what I put in). Stop trying to save your coppers, put in what you are willing to pay and then if someone outbids you pass and move on. I see people bidding up to 1 silver a copper at a time and I just don't understand why. Type in 1 silver and be done in <1
  2. Doesn't mean he didn't have some already from previous event / killing the mobs that give 8 prestige :P Melee are right though, it is harder for them. But it's not working for way too many people at the moment (range included) and melee seem to think it's ridiculously so easy to do as a ranged - It's not. It's easier but it's still not easy (at least not on my server). Shouldn't matter how much damage you do if you start beating on it when it reaches the tower and are still beating on it when it dies IMO you did enough to get the quest item. I don't understand why
  3. On my server I'm lucky if I get 5 prestige per boss these days, they die so fast (literally). The bosses don't even have time to do that many skills (sometimes not even 1 aoe) It's not the prestige I really care about though. I just want my soulstones from the quest and I'm having to do the event 2 or 3 times to get it done whilst people with less ap than me can't complete it at all. (this is ofc only aplicable to my server) But logically if 200 ppl are hitting a boss and it dies in <10 seconds that's a lot of people not getting their quest items.
  4. Going to say the same thing I did in another thread of a similar nature. Ranged have it hard too. Due to the insane ammount of players on windrest the mobs die in <10 seconds and even with 492ap on a ranged class I struggle to get credit. For the record, I don't die or struggle to do dps it's just the sheer ammount of players makes it almost impossible to do enough damage to get the boxes. I have friends with 400ap who NEVER get anything, it's just impossible for them. The reward system for this needs changing because atm it doesn'
  5. As a 492 ap summoner struggling to get credit in ssplains on windrest due to the number of players and bosses dying in <10 seconds (literally) I have no idea how they expect any new players to complete these dailies. The way they give credit def needs looking at. My friends with 400ap are ready to quit cuz even when they don't die they get jack for their efforts and if u don't wanna arena this is the best place for the insane amounts of soulstones they need, but they cant do the quests so... Yeah. Needs fixing.
  6. No clan should try to make you pay if you don't want to (or can't afford it). A donation should be just that, a donation. EDIT: I'm a clan leader and even I wouldn't donate 3g to my clan every day.
  7. This is supposed to be a pvp zone and all I see are: 1. People hugging these mobs knowing they cant be killed ('Cuz agoring one of these things = pretty much instant death. Even if you stealth and run away they just pull you back in.) 2. Players of certain classes grabbing players and tossing them into these mobs. (Which results in again in pretty much guaranteed death) Now I assume that these players (the ones doing the throwing) are getting credit for the "bosses" (they call them elites but lets be honest with 27 million hp its a boss) ones shotting players they
  8. As a summoner main I didn't ned to watch more than the 5th sunflower to know that without hitting you (or using the cat) there's no way he could have enough focus and had to be cheating somehow. This is why I don't pvp anymore in 1v1. I think imma cancel my sub 'till Thi kind of nonsence is fixed. What I cant understand I how the hell the server doesn't know how much focus these players really have.
  9. I found a few scattered threads about this event, but I felt that making more of a petition would bring more attention to how badly this area is working at the moment. So if you also would like the following please comment to agree or up-vote etc... 1. Increase the number of channels the event spawns in. 2. Increase the number of times the event spawns a day. 3. Decrease the amount of damage needed to get credit. The reason I would like these changes is. 1. People shouldn't need to AFK for 30+ mins to make sure I get into
  10. I have been using this one : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v0tY9qwTmQalLrD0FW2LkX2AJWqEKKSrBz5Ij4WvRXo/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0 It's not mine, found the link on the forum ages ago. Is it not up to date / correct?
  11. Would have been useful if the game actually told you that XD Thankyou :)
  12. Agreed, I don't think once per hour would be unreasonable at this point with the ammount of players wanting to do the event.
  13. Yes I can read the item description, it says use on the "tricolour pillar". I can find 1x red pillar, 1x blue pillar and 1x green pillar, but no tricolour pillar, and none of those I have found I am able to interact with. So what do I do with this? Is it just something I should trash and move on? I tried asking in faction chat and got the usual L2Read retard response, and google also seems to know nothing.
  14. FYI, it is bugged. And even if you sign up for the recurring subscription through the website mail still isn't getting unlocked < needs fixing.
  15. Yes you can if you trade someone gold and "trust" them to gift you the premium. Imo thats one of the biggest reasons it should never have been in the shop like it was to start with (shoulda made it a tradeable consumable like it is in aion instead) as it just encouraged scammers.
  16. Because you can buy a 1 month, 3 month or 1 year sub through the website. The removal of them form the ncoin store (I assume) was an effort to deter people selling the memberships for in game gold, which inevitably leads to scamming and lots more support tickets being generated.
  17. I have gotten to the third one but I keep getting him down to about 25% at which point he teleports to the middle and even through True Friend (supposed to make me immune for 5 attacks) grabs me with phantom grip and I get 1 shot in the fire. I couldn't see him do this skill in the video above, any idea how I stop him from doing it?
  18. Okay going to throw this out there: There are 2 versions of the Q skill 1. pulls agro for 8 seconds 2. Recovers focus Just because the pet is curled up, does not mean it is taunting. If however the summoner refuses to retrait it after you ask nicely and IF you are cabable of holding agro then I see your problem. The number of times I get bitched at for using Q even when its not taunting is rediculous.
  19. Getting banned for using clan recruitment... LOL is pretty much all I can say to this. I'm glad you got your account back, but you shouldn't have had to go through this. No one should.
  20. Well whichever way they implement it most people are going to get it so you're stuck either way.
  21. Best way : Bring back the first daily dash and swap the costumes across regions so NA gets EU and EU gets NA for one character for free. Then put both costumes in store for a reasonable price so that those who want on more than 1 character can get them for as many alts as they want. = WIN
  22. LiriC I agree with you, but you're be surprised how many I have seen and siren's crit upgrade isn't that big. It's all about the soulshield and unfortunately it seems a lot of players cant be bothered to get a good one when they can get carried instead.
  23. Its not about what weapon you have, its about your stats and hp. If you're on 90% accuracy with 20-25% crit even if you have siren weapon people still won't want you in their party, and rightly so.
  24. I don't know why people get so upset when you point out that their <25% crit rate and <22k hp is terrible stats for this dungeon (as long as it is pointed out politely) but they always get upset about it and troll the run. I qued for 6 runs yesterday before finally completing due to several runs where only 2 people had over 30% crit (and 30% crit is still pretty low.) It's just not going to happen if half the team have <25% crit and no hp to survive. I get that people want to complete this dungeon, but honestly if you don't need the pirate weapon to upgrad
  25. You CAN fix this without logging out. I have done this. I'm posting from my phone so I cannot take a screenshot to tell you the exact option but: Press escape, settings, go to the camera options. On the page with the settings like camera position etc... Near the bottom there is a list with like 4 checkboxes. I think it's the second one down, uncheck it and apply. Your camera should now return to normal. Then just turn it back on and apply again. Enjoy not being stuck in first person without having to restart client. I will take a screenshot of the optio
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