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  1. Pass the 1600-1700 pool. then you can enjoy most PVP against a player. (1v1) As far as I know 3v3 are mostly players too.
  2. People really have a problem understand P2W If you think spending 400G to obtain a book that can be farmed in the game is P2W. Fine, leave now. Before I dont believe NA QQ the most. Now I am positive that this statement is true. Oh and forget to tell you. If you are really too lazy to earn 400g in the game and just really out of luck in the dungeons, this book can be traded IN GAME with your reputation points at lv.50
  3. on CN server, ppl make the 2nd true pirate to de for the soul. In that way they still have one in hand. CN does brought in legendary weapons which are kinda P2W. So for those who really do not like to pay for those weapons, you still have a not too bad weapon in hand.
  4. Oh in that case, awakened is all good. You are looking at about 20 AP in difference. Plus, I bet new weapons will be out along with Lv.50 patch too. So dont worry too much
  5. If our patch follow exact the same as BnS CN, You need true pirate when Lv.50 is up and you will de your weapon for "soul"
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