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  1. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    A barbershop would be great! Barring that I'd take being able to buy wigs of the various hairstyles.
  2. I don't know if the game is dying or not, but I do like to create alts and something I've noticed is a huge drop in the number of new characters being created. There have been times when I've been in Jadestone during prime time and it's completely deserted except for a train of new Destroyer bots and the lone Region spambot.
  3. Green dailies dungeon gone?

    I was hoping this was some sort of bug but if it's a permanent feature... Man, NCSoft done screwed up.
  4. Bug at Twilight Garden Doungeon

    Had the same thing happen to me just now. Thank goodness for this thread. Though I used LMB to get through. (Same idea on a KFM since you move forward with each punch.) Felt more appropriate, like I was fighting to get through the portal. =P
  5. I like the look of the Founder Weapon skin. However, it's starting to feel more like a curse than a benefit because I also like the look of other weapon skins with certain outfits. But since the Founder Weapon skin was a one-time-use item I can't switch to one of those other weapon skins without losing forever the Founder Weapon skin. What was intended to be a fun benefit of being a B&S Founder has, for myself at least, become a quiet curse. A nagging sense of disappointment in NCSoft for not coming up with a solution that would allow the skin to be re-used as many times as desired just as the Founder Costumes can be used over and over and not just on one character but on any character on your account.
  6. I would definitely pay for this option.
  7. White Items for Glamor?

    In a certain other game white items are not allowed to be used for appearance change because the devs introduced some "fun" items that they felt would be inappropriate for more widespread use. And I can get that. But in B&S these very nice looking white vendor items fit quite squarely with the overall theme of the game. Heck, I've seen NPCs wearing them as well as the models being used in promotional shots. Perhaps the devs are worried players would look too much like NPCs? Or wanted to keep those models exclusive to NPCs? I guess I just wish I knew the "why".
  8. White Items for Glamor?

    There are some really nice looking vendor only available item models that are "white" grade. Is there a particular reason we cannot use white items as glamor models?
  9. (Faction) Elite Initiate Uniform

    Wow. I was curious how to get the uniform and found this thread. I thought maybe it was based on your rank in the Faction but this is just... insane! =O I would never pay RL money for an item I'm then going to destroy to use for in-game crafting. Whoever at NCSoft thought this was good idea needs their head examined.
  10. When RNG decides it hates me it doesn't pull any punches.
  11. 5 years to get the Priest Tier 2 chest piece in WoW farming every week has taught me MMO RNG can be brutal when it gets on a roll.
  12. Wheel Of Fate Pain In The Butt

    For the Jiangshi costume I got it all on one character in maybe 20 spins. On another character it took me well over a hundred. RNG is RNG.
  13. Silver Dragon costume?

    I was looking at the description versus the Master's pack costumes and they specify bound to account while Dragon does not. I dunno. That's a serious cash investment for a costume not to be BoA. Being a bit stingy IMO by not making it BoA.
  14. Silver Dragon costume?

    Is the Silver Dragon costume BoA ie tradeable between your characters?
  15. Suggestion: Idle stances

    I too wish we had more idle stance options. I love playing an f Gon but that hands-on-lower-back-sticking-out-the-stomach stance grates on me. No woman I know would deliberately stand in such a way as to make her stomach look bigger (I certainly wouldn't). I really love the second pose in the character creator with her arms to the side. It has a subtle elegance and relaxed power to it. I would definitely buy the option to use that stance from the Cash Shop.