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  1. I am playing B&S with a new 2019 gaming computer and experienced FPS, lag and loading issues. I have found a solution for my computer which may also help you. I am playing B&S in Full Screen mode. In Settings > Advance Settings > Graphics, I have selected 5 for most options. The options I have selected 1 are the following; SFX Quality for Others, Background Effects Quality and Extra Effects. I have disabled all of the options below Extra Effects and the Special Effects options. Anti-Aliasing is also disabled. *IF YOU USE* BnS Buddy,
  2. Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my topic! Let's get started! More fish types and legendary fish, more rewards! I enjoy fishing every day, it if the first thing I do when I login as it is relaxing. Mounts! Ground mounts only! Collecting mounts is fun and rewarding! Healer class! I would love to make a healer, one specialization is for healing and the second for damage! A monk healer class would be awesome! I would like to see a better visual tab for equipment, similar to WoW's equipment tab. Those are the ideas I
  3. I am no longer playing WoW thanks to the Frost Warden. The skills are awesome, the skill graphics are amazing. The skills which require the use of your HP hit very hard, I love it. Just WoW! I am level 20 and having a blast. Thank you for the Warden gift pack, and most of all thank you for making a great game.
  4. Hello, I would like to make a topic regarding PvP Rewards. I feel that the rewards are terrible. Blade & Soul is the best PvP game I have ever played however I am discouraged to PvP as the rewards are terrible. Please update the PvP Rewards every PvP season with new weapons, armor, accessories. I do not enjoy PvE, I want to upgrade my gear through PvP such as Arenas. I love Arenas. Please listen and update the PvP rewards, once you do I will be a loyal customer. Thank you
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