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  1. Yea MeCroire, how terrifying, we already lost 150 weeks of boss 2 cause they didn't release it on bns headstart. 1 more week would be crucial for our health. Kappa
  2. Brand new level, how to get rid of the overflowing gold in game.
  3. Well, one problem seems to be gone, but it still takes 61 months to transmute my sacred oils, from true to max soul. Since i can only get like 2 demon spirit stones each month in Cold Storage.
  4. Latest producer's letter: "We’re also looking at our content release cadence and what we can do to ensure the updates are more impactful. Our goal over the past year has been to catch up to the other regions while maintaining a good balance between accessible and challenging content. Having more impactful and feature-rich updates will mean they’re less frequent than they were when we were playing catchup, but will generally have more grand content and features packed into each one." As u can see, the catching up is over.
  5. The PvE content won't catch up to Korea. It never ever happened in any of the NC mmo's, due to translation and modifications for the west ppl's taste etc.
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