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  1. Unable to progress main quest

    Yeah, grind celestial basin until you get sick of seeing peaches til you max out your Seraph/Bel weapon unless you get lucky on daily dungeon and required wep drops in dungeon. ANd grind some more to get next SS upgrade until you finally get HM far enough to join basic raids with shouts for 1.1k min attack power! I'm pretty much right there now since I've restarted after over a year off.
  2. Unable to progress main quest

    Check your Quest Journal -> Quest Letters Tab, there should be a purple quest. Click on the letter and get the quest, should be for Old Man CHo again. You'll need Purification Jar ( I think ). You can either buy off of marketplace or craft on your own from Soul Wardens if high enough ( about 3gold in mat? ). Your quest track marker won't give you Old man cho until you have the item in your inventory.
  3. Early game disappointment

    Same, stopped at lvl 45 BM came back and got to lvl again. You no longer need to do any of the mid dungeons now, can skip it all until the end. Both good and bad I suppose especially if you want to level multiple to 55. My biggest shock was in crafting. What in the world happened there, I am still trying to figure out what to do now with it or just forget it now. My old pottery is toast.
  4. Returned after over a year and lvled my BM out of previous lvl 45 cap and just wow. I forgot how bad the voice acting was in English. Used to always listen in Korean ( yes I speak and understand Korean ). Didn't mind the strange translations but omg, the quality of the voice especially for major characters in English is just so horrible!
  5. I was going to post more differences that I found in the NPCs in Korean vs the current localized texts but gave up after the Open Discussion thread was deleted. I have to admit the grammatical corrections were great, I just did not care for the changes in the original backstory was changed. Minor little things were changed for what seemed to be no reason. i.e. Desert (Cinterlands) comments regarding why a character had a certain name. "Opal" is actually small rice cake, she even explains herself why she was given that name by her parents (or nickname ) which seems to have been completely removed in the NCWest version. I wish the starting nickname was changed to something other then *cricket*. Everyone at Hongmoon calls you "Mak Neh" (original korean 막내 ) which means youngest or most junior of the group. There had to be a better nickname to refer to you the PC protagonist in the starting area other than *cricket*.
  6. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Actually with regards to putting on the pirate uniform, there is even an Achievement for taking out Do Chun. Since that is the only way to get the White Demon Dobok outfit from the Emerald Village Exchange NPC.
  7. Open Discussion with English Localization

    WTH - I decided to actually listen to the original korean voice to the minor quest in The Cinterlands ( Desert Zone ) Scorching Sands Raiders Arc (my god the name changes!). Quest NPC: JongSu - last section he says " The girl? What girl? Oh! You mean Opal. She's just in training--like you. She's about to take the member test but she's not Fortune Finder material. She won't pass. Got to the test quick though. You might ask her how she managed that." Now what is Actually said in the korean voice ( my trans from korean mostly literal since as my parents tell me my slang is horrible: "The girl, Ah her don't concern yourself with her, she is just a small lump who came here to be a treasure hunter. You can just ignore her " "kekeke background laughter" Yes somethings were translated correctly but the entire jab about "Opal" is now completely different! However the 1st four sections has a lot of hmm hot to put this, the english seems to denote "JongSu" as rough and glib which he is in the korean voice but at the same time he is quite respectful towards you. ALways stays in Jeon Dae Mal (basically polite respectful speech) which seems to have been completely lost in the NCsoft translation. Jeez.
  8. Open Discussion with English Localization

    One of the things that really bugs me in the NA translations is the complete disregard for character family names and given names as you've mentioned. Family names come first in most of asia, this includes Korea. All names of characters Family name followed by Given Name. Do Chun ( family name Do, given name Chun ) != DoChun. My god please at least fix this simple item! I've already put this in feedback multiple times with NCSoft but it is driving me crazy. On that note please fix Mushin's name. Mushin is the TITLE not the name. MuShin ( abbreviated from 무술신 to 무신) is actually also two syllable abbreviated word for God of Martial Arts, his bloody name is Kwon Chun Jin or if you want to americanize it with given name followed by family name: Chun Jin Kwon the Mushin.
  9. Open Discussion with English Localization

    I can understand Korean ( not fluently but more than enough to get by ) and I can't stand the Englsh translations. The voice acting omg.. some of the cut scenes are fine but Soha - completely jarring after listening to the Korean voices. Most of the side character voices sounds like they were made from people hired off the street and not professional voice actors.