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  1. I'd like to see a necromancer type class.
  2. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Or maybe, JUST maybe she didn't like doing the BnS streams because of all the sexist comments she'd receive in chat EVERY time. It's the same tasteless crap that you see in faction/region chat in game.. BnS is full of toxic players so of course BnS streams are going to have some of those same people spreading their toxicity there.
  3. Status of Servers

    While I was playing last night, I noticed that the lag spikes occurred 20mins apart (eg 10:14pm, 10:34pm, 10:54pm)
  4. The books will have an X on them if you have already used them. As for the pellets etc, press U for achievements and under Character -> Skills you can expand on the requirements to see what you have consumed/need to consume. Hope that helps :)
  5. Constant crashing since the update

    Yup same for me.. about 12 times since the patch I have barely stayed on long enough to lvl my gunner. I noticed when I have my inventory open my cursor goes crazy though.. like it's constantly flashing the spinning circles and that's when I know the client is about to crash.
  6. Constant DCing

    So far I have disconnected 10 times and usually withing 5 minutes after logging back in. Just random dc's.. either running, opening up inventory, doing trove. I know of a few people DCing the same time as me and they are on the other server. I had AV running and have disabled it but still DCing.
  7. Achievement Merchent

    Glad someone asked as I was about to. Also wanting to get an outfit for my character but alas.. it needs this now defunct item to exchange.
  8. Go to bed since it's now 4.20am my time :(
  9. I've been having a problem since last maintenance. Every time I go to switch to another character, I get disconnected - and when I try t log back in, it says that the account is already logged in. I've tried file repairing but nothing seems to work.
  10. Female gon needs fix?

    Umm have you not even tried to use the different poses option?
  11. Middle Eastern Server ? Pls ?

    Not before they create an Oceanic server :|
  12. Revelation Online

    That's pretty much why all hypetrainers do it... scared they will be alone. And when the "new fad game" disappoints, they will wait and jump on the next hypetrain.
  13. Getting the same problem... LeftButNotGon... can you stop being an ass?
  14. Game Down For 30 hours?!

    no, people just saw it in game and came on here to rrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  15. Bots with premium and teleport hacks

    yeah I notice a heap of them going in and out of lower instances like Dreamrift before.