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  1. Can you buy the keys with hongmoon coins or only with ncoins?...cuz i didn see any on hongmoon coins section.
  2. Got to love that FM tho,calling you retard:))) He was the one atacking(and not alone) you when you just minding your own bussines and you are the retard:) Nice video...keep up the good work and *cricket* some more of those frustrated kids like that FM :),they deserve' it.
  3. I just ''love'' this kind of ppl:))) Go make a video winning agains those *cricket*ers using those ''skills'' you brag about. 90% of highest ranks are hackers *cricket*ers(you too maybe seeing how you defend them) and if you dont admit that you are or to idiot to be alive or one of those hackers fackers(how i like to call them). Enjoy your hacks in peace and stop writing shit on these forums you 12y old useless kids.Sorry for the hard truth but im sick and tired of those kind of *cricket*ers.
  4. Hey,if i buy the 30 days premium thing whit gold from another player in game i can use that mail system or i have to actually buy the ncoins and then spend'em?
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