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  1. Here is my feed back on the quest "The Way of the Warlock: Part 4" The quest mention to immediately cast Dragoncall. Which is wrong because I was growing frustrated at doing this. The Imprison skills needs to finish up to obtain an instant Dragoncall. I managed to quest but a correct script would have saved a ton of time.
  2. [Feeback] Warlock Quest should be reviewed.

    The quest does say "Immediately" after. Not wait for Imprison to do to grant you a proc on Dragoncall, again. Those are learning quests and it could be more specific. You should stop assuming so much, makes you look bad.
  3. [Feeback] Warlock Quest should be reviewed.

    It's not being dumb since those quest are leading to learn the class. So this comment itself is pretty dumb.
  4. No looking to join but awesome for promoting discord! Love to see clan who move on low MS stuff! Thumb up!
  5. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    Pretty much RP here if you ask me!