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  1. Anyone beat Jungshado?

    its possible you are spending a lot of time blocking or waiting for his moves or throwing him in the air (i had this issue initially), its important to keep the damage going and keep up its pace.
  2. first slot is missing and item is gone
  3. Brightstone (blue) weapons, i had a shit ton farming it, gave very good exp, much cheaper than using elements
  4. Put on your faction clothing and look at the map in each region. Red icons for faction quests
  5. Premium Points

    according to the chart, 48.800 should put you at lv5 .. not 4 then
  6. As title, Is anything actually gonna change for full release from the beta. Would like to hear from BnS team. All I see are suggestions and stuff never really anything from the team itself.
  7. skill point resets are free dude