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  1. Premium Memberships

    i don't want any gift, all i am asking for is a simple extension of the premium duration, thats all.
  2. Hilarious, the mmo is already 5 years old so i wont call it exactly "NEW" after 5 years of "testing" yes i would expect a smoother launch and less downtime, no one would accept this if it would happen to any other product that has a history of being on the market for 5 years already. Only real difference here is the actual publisher and all i can say NCsoft is doing a poor job here. to ask for compensation isn't much, as all it should be is just to extend the premi period by the time they take the server down. alot of other F2P mmo's do that whewn u actually bought a duration item. Now to say that the maintenance is actually for no reason.... Well we all did complain about the spammers/bots and they are actually trying to fix it which imo is a good thing and thumbs up for that, though i also think NCsoft could have seen this coming and could have prevented this right from the start
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Okay.... 4 hours of maintenance and the biggest improvement is a fail..... stopping the goldspammers didn't work at all and won't work until you (NCsoft) actually grab this bull by the horns and deal with it. Simple stated facts, we can have simple solutions.... like make it impossible for 1 person to repeat the same thing more then twice in any channel. dragon spire should have a repeat of 10 times once a min and after that a cooldown for like 30 min also make a consecutive dungeon run limit so bots can't enter the same one over and over again. Next, a bigger problem is the spammer that doesn't have a char standing there and spamming but direct acces to the chat. I am absolutely no computer tech but, i feel like somehow someone found a backdoor to the servers and is exploiting this, what does this mean for the rest of the data in this server? is this available to the spammers as well ? NC soft my suggestion is: Hire some freelancers to look into this problem it is a 1 time spending, or maybe some people here on the forums can volunteer to address the problem for you, i am sure some tech guys/gals that are playing can do it, NCSOFT REMOVE THE GOLDSPAMMERS/BOTS ASAP
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    This was 9 days ago..... and it is only getting worse. They found ways to make it unblock able or the blocklist gets full, and even if you manage to block 1, 2 new ones will appear. As far as i know CHAT is a key tool in any MMO and due to gold spammers this became unusable as we can't communicate with each other. So dear GM's after a rough start somewhat difficult launch and the ques this game had now the next problem is to get rid of gold spammers Also, who's bright idea was it to make the block list 50 players max ???? seriously ??? Reviews already state the game isn't that good due to long ques, now we can add goldspamming to that aswell ~.^
  5. And here we go....

    I agree with u on everything but 1 lol EU servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany. US servers are located in California, US. so ur last point is invalid. tho i do understand that for the sake of all servers having the same new content (if any comes available) at the same time yes EU gets a restart during normal buisness hours