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  1. FPS/Mini-freezes (Requesting FIX & sticky)

    It'd be a dream for these people to optimize a game that hasn't been optimized properly for years. They're just the NA team. It's sad.
  2. soulmate unable to store in wardrobe

    It'll be whenever they care, the Bandit Queen for example wasn't in the wardrobe but they patched that in.
  3. It's pretty much obvious at this point that the class you are playing has a lower chance to acquire the matching weapon from said chest, but it gets pretty irritating when you get 6 duplicates of all the classes(including warlock) weapons. It's the Profane one that I'm having the worst of this. If I were to play say Force Master, and open these chests. I have no doubt in my mind that I'd easily get the weapon for the Destroyer Class. It's not really a good outlook when it starts to look like your trying to force players to buy those overpriced Moonwater keys from pure frustration. And the reason this thread is in Bug Report is cause it's pretty much breaking the game experience when you are stuck getting every profane weapon under the sun except yours due to horrible numbers. Either fix how skewed it is or make every chest weapon tradeable/marketable. Just wanted to post this cause I just ended up closing the game after going through 70 keys and getting everything except one class.
  4. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I just suggest not to buy it, have self restraint even if you want the black padded coat. It may pop up as a daily dash reward or they'll *cricket* you over in a month by putting it on the store. The best way to tell them no, is not to buy it. I don't want this game ending up like Tera, oh god no.