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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    WTF!? You make a LIVESTREAM for thousands of PLAYERS telling the Radiant energy will be the GEM powder, Making a lot of players STOCKING the Radiant energy preparing theirselves for the update, now you post on the forum/reddit this will be changed for 10g each? o_____o 10g for a item that ppl bought for 12g~16g on the market these last days for the update... Rly? Nice one... -___-'' So we can't Trust on the update preview livestreams anymore, because they lie on it. -.-
  2. Digital Art: My Destroyer.

    Thank you. =D XD~ Thank you.
  3. Digital Art: My Destroyer.

    Thank you. =D
  4. Hi guys! I made this fan art of my destroyer on Blade and Soul, hope u enjoy. =3 You also can see it on my Character Profile in game. Profile: Well.... for those ones interested in have one of these of your character, you can contact me from my Deviantart ( or from here... Prices can change depending the complexity of the costume... o.o'' but the base is simple and i accept payment via Paypal: Bust: $20* or 40Gold** or 1600Ncoin** Half body: $40 * Full Body: $60* *all prices can increase $0~10 depending the complexity of the costuyme used by the character... **The bust is the only one that i made for ingame gold/cash ***All arts are made in 300DPI and 2000px+ on a high quality paint and the original size delivered to the owner. thank you. =3