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  1. Master loot is an issue

    you havent run much dung do yah, on blightstone, after you kill 2 boss theres a 2-3s window when a guy spawns upon taking his life to 30-50 % he drops the loot, thous people who does this master loot scam, they does it right b4 the 3rd guy spawn aka right b4 loot box spawn, at that point even if you leave its done, pl (party leader) gonna get all drop.
  2. Thats a way to run, but think about what gonna happen a week or 2, from scammer to normal ppl everyone going to do this bcz they want to be leader, then there will be million party with only one player. Or ppl will only run with guild/friends. Imo only way to fix it to remove change loot option from cross-server, or set a timer like after 1-2 min loot option cannot be changed. Heck today i left around 8 party because leader and another party member was from same guild, lol.
  3. this become a daily thing now every day i do around 10-20 run, last 2 days i had ttl 4 random party loot stealer, which is kinda frustrating, i hope they make the change loot sys unavailable in cross dung. So no one can change the default loot.
  4. Philippine Player Questions [Ping]

    Same here, i live in bangladesh clsoe to sea, it kinda sucks to play fast pace game with 280+ ping, im scared to even do pvp coz i know due to 1 s delays it wont go good or me. Before you all go nuts on why im not playing in cn server, coz i dont know how to speak thous language, and i rather play a game where i can speak with everyone and atlest can read all dam stuff in game. Anyways, is people still getting baned for using WTfast ? im scared to even install it :D