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  1. the hell is that

    Same. I'm on Starfall Crater. bns servers Seems only Starfall Crater is down...
  2. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    Same, haven't got mine either.
  3. Costumes to Look Forward To

    Something tells me that is going to end up behind a RNG mechanic.
  4. Ban people that buy gold from websites pls!!!

    In my oppinion its a issue NCSoft needs to fix and not something the players (despite buying gold) should get punished over. No botters / spammers = less gold buying.
  5. 4man unrewarding?

    Yeah, ive run 4 man a couple of times and unless the costume pieces drop it feels very unrewarding. I prefer to do 6 man as it also drops soulshields and thus giving me a chance to upgrade the one i allready have with the stats i need for my class. And i approve of the idea of Moonwater Transformation Stone or Gem Hammer drops on the last 2 or last boss. 1 or 2 per dungeon max.
  6. How are you enjoying BnS since WL patch

    The lag is *cricket*ing horrid. Blade and Soul should be renamed to Bots and Spammers or Loading Screen Simulator.
  7. Dungeon Channel Bug

    So i was running Nightshade Harbor with a group till my BnS client crashed. I relogged and joined and found me to be in a different channel then my group. I had to walk out of the instance which took my a couple of minutes then rejoin Nightshade to get into the correct channel. This was quite frustrating and im not sure if this is a bug or just a missing feature. Also whats up with the Lag? I keep teleporting back or my flight getting cancelled for no appearant reason....
  8. Why do we need to install malware to play the game?

    NGuard, oh the nostalgia. Reminds me when i used to play Gunz: The Duel years back. It never worked, lol.
  9. Feedback: Costume Challange

    OP it doesnt say that you need or are forced to participate on the event. Dont do it if you dont like it.
  10. Wow, they ban on overclocking software? Rip, guess im next.
  11. Server Down?

    Whats up with the servers?
  12. Cross-server Dungeon AFK's

    Yeah, i just had a guy cross-dungeon afk on the start. After about 15 minutes he came back walked to Poh and went afk there again. Like really? We couldn't even kick him. Atleast auto kick on 3~5 minutes afk then instead off vote kick.
  13. Aye just found out i had the same problem.
  14. Mainatainance extended!

    Well, this was certainly unnexpected. jk
  15. Character bound clothing

    I bought one costume from the shop and then i found out it is character bound. Havent bought a costume since then and i will never buy one again unless they become account bound
  16. Black Padded Coat is a random chest!?!?

    Very typical for f2p games. Put something the community likes behind a Pay to RNG Mechanic to get the profits $$$.
  17. Servers crashed ?!

    My friends is still playing on Starfall Crater EU while im stuck on the loading screen after pin entry. My guess is login servers r ddos boys.