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  1. The event is a flop anyways. Zero fps for melee classes, no kill participation credit... For a patch that supposedly brought optimization to the game, I'm having even worse performance now than before...
  2. IMO, all the game has to brag about is the combat system which is essentially a fighting game in an mmo, which means PVP is pretty much the selling factor for the game. (of course the open world aspect of it is in a rather poor shape) Aside from that, there's the artstyle which is rather subjective. Other than that, the game is rather dated.
  3. I wouldn't mind purchasing via hongmoon store. Especially if it means being able to avoid farming the widows hundreds and hundreds of times...
  4. Whoa wait what? You mean OWPVP was functional to begin with? I must have missed something.
  5. I suppose my definition of P2W is different. I don't consider the game P2W at all. Definitely pay for convenience, but almost every mmo out there has some element of pay for convenience. P2W is something I will only tack onto a game if there are specific game changing items that can only be obtained through paying money, whether that be gear, stats, content, etc.
  6. Honestly, I feel like this is one of those things that should be blocked in some way or another. I don't know if it's considered an exploit or what, but frankly it's like getting pulled into a pit of piranhas where 50 players from the opposing faction are just waiting below to kill you. You res? They yank you immediately. Sometimes even faster than you can switch to another channel. It would be nice if the respawn point could either be a safe zone or have the one shot kill npc's range is increased such that you cannot be yanked without the puller instantly being killed.
  7. Now if only I could get that luck with the obsidian serpent @.@ (only 150 runs in...)
  8. Got the same experience except the other way around on Yehara. I wouldn't care if there were other ways to farm soul stones but unfortunately I'm stuck playing the eternal game of finding the channel that is empty for all of 5 minutes so I can get a fragment of dailies done. It isn't like there's just one or two crimsons hounding me, it's straight up squads and entire teams. Not very fun at all...
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