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  1. And Can You Add at least 1 Free Key to Non pream Player not all of us live with paretns and work some of us are disabled and cant afford it
  2. DC every 15 mins

    lol im in the usa and people in game cat ask them!!! been on since 12am est
  3. DC every 15 mins

    i am getting crashes every 5-10 then the lancher comes up with a error that is another 10 min emergency maintenance Please
  4. Code In Newsletter

    I did that this Makes 2 i did not get the Halloween one also they make up all excuses under the Dam Sun they are 0 help i have pics as proof i was getting them at one time they need to Fix their Shit i been here since Beta
  5. am i banned?

    i had the same Issue i had to e-mail B&S and then they will need a screen shot of error and it takes about 48 hours to fix
  6. how over-played will warlock become?

    I have Played Warlock as a MAIN on Japanese and OMG this is the day i been waiting for If you have played it KNOW how to play it Correctly you can Do Well in PVP i did
  7. Spammers part 2 : revenge on the forums

    Hummmmmm someone Deleted Our Nice Spammer Posts Shrugs
  8. Crashed and now game won't start

    Same ISSUE Could not accept Quest and Loged off and Now it sits on Blade and Soul Screen Master Hong Server
  9. Npc's

    Some moving Mouth with no Sound Comming from them I did not know if the Dev's Know!!!! :o