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  1. Pay to Win definition

    Pay to win means different things to everyone. Your version is P2W yes. However I see P2W as being able to buy anything equal to the best in game items you can get. If I can buy raid gear then why the hell should I invest my time raiding? Cosmetic stuff makes no difference to me.
  2. Skill issue I can't comment on since I don't play BM. The rest is RNG. So you have to spend a little time to get things ... welcome to the MMO genre. I have played 3 different classes and gotten everything off the wheel in under 20 minutes on each one. It's really not that hard
  3. As others have said, if you paid 2.5k for that PC someone made a fortune off you. I have close to double those specs and only paid 1.6k. However, the game should still run fine on medium/high settings with those specs. If it's not then optimazation maybe in order